oikos Winter School 2021

oikos Winter School is annualy organized by oikos Witten/Herdecke where participants from all over the world come together to reflect on the big questions and challenges of our time. This year we will focus on the question of how a transformation towards sustainability can succeed. What are the conditions, what are the goals and models of a transformation towards sustainability? These and other questions will be addressed during the two-and-a-half-day long conference. In addition to Keynotes and Workshops that increase our knowledge about the subject, the focus will lie on personal encounters, because we believe that transformation cannot simply be forced from the outside by a change in institutions, but must come along with a change in values at the individual level.

oikos Winter School 2021 will focus on the interactivness, the social dimension and the spontaneity of the conference, as there are many digital conferences with great input – we believe that people are craving for social activties, networking and getting to know new people. Because of that we host the event via Gather.town, as its possible to do lots of social and fun activites. Gather.town works somewhat like an old, two dimensional videogame, but with lots of tools. You can walk around the conference hall with your avatar and talk to people that are close to you as their video will pop up. Different rooms with different functions, integrated games and tables with limited number of chairs where you can “sit down” and talk to others siting next to you and much more.

This year the event will be held in German, open to German-speaking students and members of the oikos Community.

You can find more information on the agenda, speakers and how to register at the oikos Winter School website.

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posted May 14, 2021

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