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The oikos Summer School 2016 in Short

The third oikos Summer School took place in Tbilisi; in the heritage country of Georgia, with the theme of “Education for a Better World-Transforming Management Education”.

The Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University, better known as Tbilisi State University (TSU), is the oldest university in the Caucasus region. TSU hosted this Summer School for international and Georgian students. The event lasted for 5 days, had 30 participants from 6 countries and was financed by Tbilisi State University, Global Responsible Leadership Initiative (GRLI) and PASHA Bank. oikos Summer School was facilitated by COMMIT.


The oikos Summer School 2016 took an in-depth look at the kind of management education we need for a better world. The world faces its biggest ever challenges: climate change, war, mass migration, growing concentration of wealth and power.

Over the course of the Summer School participants had the opportunity to explore their own leadership skills, looked at how they want to develop them and how they wanted to make a difference in the world. They also worked collaboratively with others to design and rehearse new and innovative approaches to management education – changes that can be implemented in their university.


On the first day, after a warm welcome by Ani Lomouri, the president of oikos Tbilisi, oikos International Executive Board Member Levan Pangani talked about oikos and introduced facilitators, Julia Weber and Anna Beyer. Julia and Anna told the participants what layed in store for the next 5 days. PASH Bank’s representative Diana Tigishvili also gave a speech to the participants and highlighted the importance of the project.


The opening ceremony was broadcasted by Imedi TV. During the Summer School participants were involved in different kind of sessions, experienced different learning methods and prepared their own sessions for presentation.

Day 5 was started with the speech of dean of Faculty Economics and Business TSU. Participants introduced  their sessions to the guest audience and shared their reflections to each other. Each participant was awarded a certificate.




Written by: Ani Lomouri