oikosPublicationsCasesBurgerville: Sustainability and Sourcing in a QSR Supply Chain

Burgerville: Sustainability and Sourcing in a QSR Supply Chain

30 June 2011 | Cases | Consumption, Supply Chain

Case Abstract

Burgerville, a local quick-serve restaurant chain in the Pacific Northwest prides itself on its attention to keeping its menu items “Fresh, Local, Sustainable.” A family-owned business with deep social values, Burgerville prides itself on leadership in environmental and social initiatives. While Burgerville sells hamburgers, milkshakes and fries, they highlight ingredients that are particular to their locale and emphasize seasonal specials.

Burgerville’s demand for scarce ingredients places particular importance on the relationships it forms with local producers who share a passion for fresh, local and sustainable food.  Jack Graves, Chief Cultural Officer for Burgerville, however, is encountering a difficult decision for sourcing enough chicken for all 39 restaurants. Without a current supplier that meets Burgerville’s high standards for social and environmental values, Graves is contemplating how to meet their need for affordable chicken while advancing Burgerville’s values.

Authors: Darrell Brown, Phil Berko, Patrick Dedrick, Brie Hilliard, Joshua Pfleeger
Institution: Portland State University, USA
Competition Year 2011
Place 2nd place
Track Corporate Sustainability
Key Words Supply Chain, Sustainability, Local Sourcing, Restaurant, Fast Food, Quick Service Restaurants, QSR, Purchasing, Organic Food, Values Based Decisions, Supplier Relations, Certifications, Food Supply Chain
Courses Strategy, Operations, Supply Chain Management
Target Audience Undergraduate Students, MBA Students, Business Executives
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