Care Kenya: Making Social Enterprise Sustainable

Case Abstract

CARE’s Rural Entrepreneurship and Agribusiness Promotion project is a new, market-driven approach to development in Kenya. While the project has been successful from a development standpoint, it is not commercially viable. The sector manager must determine how to improve the project and make it commercially sustainable. Students will understand the advantages and opportunity for profit / non-profit partnerships and social enterprise as complementary entities for social and economic development.

Authors: Tima Bansal, Tom Ewart
Institution: Ivey School of Business, Canada
Competition Year2006
TrackCorporate Sustainability
Key WordsStakeholder Analysis, Developing Countries, Strategic Alliances, Organizational Structure, Kenya, Agricultural Production, Crops
Permission RightsThis case can be purchased from or the Case Centre (9B05M056)
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posted June 30, 2006

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