Mobility Car Sharing: From Ecopreneurial Start Up to Commercial Venture

Case Abstract

This case describes the development of a social entrepreneurial venture from its co-operative self-help roots in 1987 until 2002. It examines the choices confronted by the Swiss entrepreneurs who have started car-sharing. Consisting of 5 separate parts, the case highlights different managerial issues in each section. The case could be used to highlight the difficulties environmental niche players face when moving into the mass market.

Author: Kai Hockerts
Institution: INSEAD, France
Competition Year2003
Place1st place
Key WordsCar Sharing, Entrepreneurial Venture, Growth Strategy, Mass Market
CoursesEnvironmental Sustainability and Competitive Advantage, Social Entrepreneurship
Target AudienceMBA students
Permission RightsThis case is part of the oikos Case Collection book (Volume 1): Case Studies in Sustainability Management and Strategy published by Greenleaf.
DownloadInspection Copy (Part A, Part B, Part C, Part D, Part E)
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oikos International

posted June 30, 2003

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