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Modernizing Dharavi: If you build, will they come?

Case Abstract


This case presents the uncertainty regarding the future of the Dharavi slum redevelopment project in Mumbai, India. Many of the earlier redevelopment plans were unable to make significant improvements in the lives of these slum dwellers. The current redevelopment plan reflects the vision of the Prime Minister of India, Dr. Manmohan Singh, in “transforming Mumbai as a world class city with a vibrant economy and globally comparable quality of life for its citizens”. The project consultant, Mr. Mukesh Mehta, has developed a sustainable, eco-friendly master plan, called Dharavi Redevelopment Project (DRP). His past expertise in real-estate development in the USA inspired him to improve the living conditions of the slum dwellers, and at the same time, integrate their lives with the mainstream society of Mumbai. However, a long time has passed since Mr. Mehta first presented his redevelopment plan. He has faced many hurdles from governmental and non-governmental organizations throughout the process. The biggest obstacle to his dream project has been presented by the Dharavi slum dwellers, and their representative, Mr. Jockin Arputham, the director of National Slum Dwellers Association. In a democratic country like India, Mr. Mehta needs their full support of all stakeholders to get this project started. What should he do to convince the slum dwellers that his dream is their dream too?


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