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oikos Case Quarterly: Food Industry Issue 12, December 2013

The number of issues and implications the food industry faces in terms of sustainability is incommensurable. We hereby present four cases to help illustrate some of the most fundamental dilemmas, opportunities and challenges of the industry.

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→ Foreword

→Gerardo Lozano (EGADE, Mexico) – HEB International Supermarkets and the Banco de Alimentos de Caritas de Monterrey

→Roberto Gutiérrez (Universidad de los Andes, Colombia) – Alpina Inc

→Darrell Brown, Phil Berko, Patrick Dedrick, Brie Hilliard and Joshua Pfleeger (Portland State University, USA) – Burgerville: Sustainability and Sourcing in a QSR Supply

→Ram Subramanian (Montclair State University, USA) – • Chipotle Mexican Grill, Inc.: Food With Integrity

Forthcoming case teaching events and other new

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We hope that you will enjoy reading this issue. Please feel free to forward it to colleagues who are interested in teaching sustainability with cases. If you would like to share your experience in teaching sustainability with cases, we would be very happy to hear from you! Also if you have any feedback on the content of this issue and suggestions for the next issue, send us an email to