The ReUse People: Scrap to Sales

Case Abstract

This case discusses The ReUse People, an organisation that specialises in deconstruction of buildings, with the aim of reusing as much of the materials as possible, hence keeping them out of landfill. The organisation is facing a classical growth-related dilemma: should it grow organically, keeping most of the work in-house but hence limiting its growth rate, or should it “franchise” its deconstruction approach by certifying other companies in the deconstruction process? The mission of The ReUse People is squarely environmental, but the organisation is increasingly aiming to provide social benefits too by reaching out to community organisations and providing employment opportunities.

Authors: Charles J. Corbett, William G. Powell
Institution: UCLA Anderson School of Management (USA)
Competition Year2009
Place2nd place
TrackSocial Entrepreneurship
Key WordsDeconstruction of Buildings, Reuse, Managing Growth, Organic Growth, Franchising
Permission RightsPlease contact Charles Corbett for permission rights. This case is also part of the oikos Case Collection book (Volume 2): Case Studies in Social Entrepreneurship and Sustainability published by Greenleaf.
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posted June 30, 2009

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