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Open LEAP Webinar | Competences for a Responsible Leader

What are the Competencies for Responsible Leaders? Mark Wade, a renowned expert in sustainability will be talking about this topic in a very interactive session.

To get the most out of the webinar, think about the questions below:

A leader that has inspired you. They can be people from history, current times, public figures or from your private life.

What made them inspiring to you? ... »

UN PRME Research conference (12th of November 2018) in Cologne

Are you interested in representing our chapter at the conference? Write us till October 11th 2018!

International Networking at Cologne Conference

As oikos Witten/Herdecke, we have the opportunity to participate in a workshop at the UN PRME Research conference (12th of November 2018) in Cologne with some spots free of charge. Regular price is 175€! We also have good chances to get to attend ... »

Preserve: Growing a Sustainable Consumer Goods Company


This case presents the startup and growth of Preserve, a sustainability-driven business and B Corp, in the circular economy. The company has grown over the years as a housewares and personal care consumer goods company in the retail industry with a closed loop business model on #5 plastics. With this operational model, Preserve managed to create social and commercial value by attaining ... »

oikos Academy for Young and Sustainable Leaders

On 17th of February, oikos Baku announced the first day of the new project called “oikos Academy” which was long-term training for oikos Baku members held until 25th of February. The goal of oikos Academy was to create young and sustainable leaders capable of thinking globally and towards the future. The Event encompassed holistic, open-ended, co-operative and experiential learning approaches ... »

Oliver Stone Screening Series -- 7pm, Room 910, 6 East 16th Street

oikos Leipzig e.V. veranstaltet im Januar 2015 eine Themenreihe unter dem Motto "Taste Waste. Save Food!" mit folgenden drei Veranstaltungen:

15.01.2015: Cook-Taste-Watch: Filmabend "Taste the Waste" mit Süppchen - bring ein Glas, einen Löffel und ein Gemüse! (SR2/18:30 Uhr)

Als Einstieg in unsere Themenreihe "Taste Waste. Save Food!" zeigen wir den Film "Taste the Waste" von Valent ... »

Addressing sustainability and inequality at a global level : how other worlds (may) emerge

Increased global interconnectivity has encouraged a prevalence of forums that seek to organise and facilitate action on sustainability and inequality on a global scale. A body of work has examined such global forums and the theoretical contexts in which they operate but there is little which examines the nature of engagement through these forums to address issues of sustainability and inequality. ... »

oikos LEAP Webinar "Thinking Innovation For Better Projects"

As part of the oikos LEAP Leadership Program, three inspirational Webinars are open to all oikos members.

We're kicking of the season with this special Webinar on project design, design thinking and putting a good will into an even better project, captured under the name "Thinking Innovation for Better Projects". Webinar Leader Daniel Hires has conducted numerous projects and grown businesses i ... »

Business and Human Rights in the Post-Westphalian Era: A Democracy-Based Assessment

The modern concept of human rights and its accompanying international legal regime were developed under the umbrella of the Westphalia international governance framework. Globalization, though, puts into question some of the fundamental pillars of Westphalia, particularly its state centric premise. As the regulatory power of the state declines, corporations, in conjunction with other non-state age ... »

oikos LEAP (Advanced Track)

The oikos Leadership Programme (LEAP) is designed to inspire young leaders to become more responsible in their decision making and equip them with insights, knowledge and tools. Further information is available here. ... »

oikos LEAP (Intermediate Track)

The oikos Leadership Programme (LEAP) is designed to inspire young leaders to become more responsible in their decision making and equip them with insights, knowledge and tools. Further information is available here. ... »

Study in Prague!

New elective track of study within Master’s Programme  "International and Diplomatic Studies" now available at the University of Economics in Prague.

Environmental Policy and International Relations (EPIR) Study courses within this track offer insights from environmental economics and policy, sustainable management of natural resources and energy, international legal aspects in environmenta ... »

Arunachalam Muruganantham: A Social Entrepreneur Innovating in a Woman’s World



Considered taboo in many parts of the world, menstrual hygiene was a subject ridden with many myths and misconceptions, especially in a country like India. Arunachalam Muruganantham (Muruganantham), was the man who had revolutionised female sanitary hygiene and had created a lasting impact on the health and livelihood of women, mostly in rural India. With his pioneering and p ... »

Succession at Berrett-Koehler Publishers: Institutionalizing the “BK Way” and Protecting BK Values for Future Success



Many for-profit enterprises with a strong social or environmental mission, as well as businesses with a strong commitment to corporate social responsibility, struggle with the issue of keeping their social or environmental mission alive as the companies grow larger, bring in new investors, deal with mergers and acquisitions, and change leadership. There have been many failure ... »

oikos Presidents' Meeting 2015

The Presidents' Meeting is one of the most enriching meetings for oikos members that enables them to learn more about oikos, listen to inspiring experts and improve their journey towards becoming more responsible leaders and inspire others. ... »

Sustainable University Day

The Sustainable University Day is the annual congress of the Sustainable Development at Universities Programme 2013-2016 (sd-universities programme). In 2015, it takes place for the second time.

Special theme: Responsible leadership What is the contribution of the universities?

Leaders in both the private and public sectors are facing increasing criticism from society. In the wake of the m ... »

Add On - Messe der studentischen Initiativen an der WU

Du suchst nach einer studentischen Organisation nach deinem individuellem Geschmack? Du willst Gleichgesinnte kennenlernen, deinen Interessen nachgehen, praktische Erfahrung sammeln, deine Soft Skills ausbauen und und und? Bei der Add On an der WU wirst du fündig! Und oikos Vienna ist natürlich auch dabei.


Die Add On ist derzeit Wiens einzige Messe für außeruniversitäres ... »

Leadership Learning Circle Updates

The Leadership Learning Circle 


“My name is Claude and I have the pleasure to serve as the coordinator of this circle.

Being, sort of, a dinosaur with some 25 years of oikos experience in my backpack, I am absolutely convinced that oikos chapters are living laboratories for leadership development.

Yet, at least during my time as the president of oikos St.Gallen, I did not unl ... »

Presidents' Meeting

The Presidents' Meeting is the annual gathering of oikos chapter Presidents and Executive Board members of oikos International in St Gallen, Switzerland, that proceeds the oikos FutureLab. During the three days the presidents will have a unique opportunity to develop theirs leadership competences, improve their understanding of oikos, learn about new topics in sustainability and acquire knowledg ... »

oikos Germany Meeting in Tübingen

oikos Lüneburg fährt seine deutschlandweiten Kollegen besuchen - auf dem ersten oikos Germany Meeting in Tübingen!

Auf dem Treffen sind 3 große, gemeinsam Programmpunkte geplant: Gegenseitiges Kennenlernen und Vorstellung unserer Arbeiten; inhaltliche Auseinandersetzung mit dem Thema „Globalisierungsethik“; Projektarbeit für regionale und nationale Kooperationen.

Wir freuen uns sehr ... »

Asia Meet

oikos Asia Meet 2014 will be hosted by oikos Pune at the main campus of Symbiosis International University, Pune. The theme of the Meet is 'Innovation in sustainability'. Registration is open!

Read more ... »

Time for a Renaissance in the Business Schools?

Time for a Renaissance in the Business Schools?

— Off we go!


The alarm rang early in the morning and a special day for me had begun. I packed my laptop, a notebook, and a pen to begin my first experience as a reporter to attend the oikos FutureLab 2013. As a student studying Economics at the University of St. Gallen, I was eager to be part of the process of changing the paradigm ... »

More than money careers

On 5th November 2013 More than money careers workshop took place. Adam Sulkowski gave an amazing lecture on jobs and start-ups that make positive impact on the society and enviroment. The participants learnt to be ambitious, set agressive goals on their career paths and never be afraid to exchange safe and well-paid but not sustainable jobs to discover the world and search for happiness. For more ... »

More than money careers - workshop

Whatever career you want to pursue upon graduation, you should already pick up essential skills to sharpen your competitive edge in the job market. The University of Warsaw Students’ Union in cooperation oikos Warsaw gives you a chance to kick start your career already at the beginning of the academic year.

Career? Break the spell! is a series of workshops designed to help you build and st ... »

Student Reporters at WRF, Davos

Student Reporter team will be covering the World Resources Forum in Davos. Read more ... »

Presidents' Meeting

Meeting of heads of oikos Chapters in St. Gallen which serves as a platform for learning & best practices exchange within the oikos network. ... »

oikos FutureLab


The oikos FutureLab is the biggest event in the annual oikos calendar which gathers representatives from the entire oikos community. It provides a 2-day platform for 140 participants to inspire, discover and develop joint perspectives on the future of sustainability in management and economics. It leverages our global network of student members, alumni, advisors, faculty and partners ... »

Youth Forum, oikos Tbilisi

oikos Tbilisi hosted the Student Forum within the project “The status of student organizations and their participation in university governance in Georgia". ... »