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Coming to Fruition: Fresh Truck Aims to Increase Food Access in Boston


Founded in 2013 in Boston, Massachusetts, Fresh Truck is a mobile fresh produce market focused on increasing access to fresh produce and nutrition education in Boston’s low-income neighborhoods. Fresh Truck is a non-profit social enterprise that earns revenue through the sale of fresh produce in various Boston neighborhoods. It has become a key part of Boston’s food access ecosyste ... »

New Report: Digital Economy and Sustainability

Digitalization – the increased use of information and communication technologies (ICT) – is affecting all areas of our lives. Rapid progress in the development of hardware and software is steadily moving us towards a fully-digital society.

The ways how we learn, communicate, and consume are cases in point. Applications and devices make it “easier” (in inverted comma, because sometimes t ... »

Smart Cities: The Link between Housing, Mobility and Energy

On November 15, oikos Alumni came together for the fifth Alumni Debate  in Zurich, Switzerland. The developments on the intersection of urbanization and digitalization were at the center of the debate.

Because the way we live in cities is drastically changing, oikos Associate Christoph Rappitsch chose the rubric Smart City as the vantage point of the discussions. What are the innovative techno ... »

Smart Cities - Really Smart or Just Digital?

oikos Alumni Debate on “Smart Cities” announced

The way we live in cities is drastically changing. Under the rubric Smart City innovative technologies rebuild the foundations of housing, mobility and energy. That's why oikos Associate Christoph Rappitsch has chosen the future of urban living as one research focus. In just a few weeks, on November 15, he will moderate a panel of distinguis ... »

The Rise of a New Industry: Business Model Innovation at the Intersection of Energy and Mobility



Cofely, a large international technical services provider, is observing important changes at the fringes of its industry. Two industries that have experienced pressure towards being more environmentally responsive in the past, the automotive industry and the energy industry, are converging due to the emergence of electric cars. The Dutch subsidiary of Cofely is therefore sear ... »

Steiermark Radelt zur Arbeit


„Steiermark radelt zur Arbeit“ – unter diesem Motto steht auch heuer wieder eine Aktion der Radlobby ARGUS Steiermark. Die Motivation zum Alltagsradeln wird durch spielerische Elemente, Preise, Events und direkte persönliche Motivation geweckt. Nach dem Aktionsmonat Mai heißt es „Weiterradeln“ – bis Jahresende gibt es Anerkennungspreise für RadlerInnen.


Beim g ... »

Writing Competition



Did you know that, as a result of successive enlargements, the European Union (EU) is the largest economy in the world, with more than 500 million citizens?


It has more weight internationally than ever before. The EU's enlargement policy supports the membership preparations of those European countries which aspire to join the EU. Thereby it helps to make Europe ... »

Communauto: A Big Idea for a Big Market



The Communauto case examines a carsharing company headquartered in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. The case focuses primarily on Communauto’s CEO, Benoit Robert, and covers the company’s evolution and emergence as a standard-bearer for the carsharing concept in North America. Whereas many social entrepreneurship cases focus on translating a ‘concept’ into a sustainable ente ... »

Spring Meeting Copengahen

The oikos Spring Meeting is the biggest annual oikos student community gathering hosted by an oikos Chapter. The 2014 Spring Meeting in Copenhagen provided a 4-day platform for 120 participants to inspire, discover and develop joint perspectives on the future of sustainability in management and economics. It offered a platform to design initiatives, engage the oikos community in pursuing them and ... »

Sustainable Aviation: 10.10.2013

oikos Warsaw is happy to announce the 1st meeting at Warsaw School of Economics in the winter semester: it will be held on Thursday, 10th October, at 7 p.m. in room 2C (C Building). Hubert Pyliński will give a speech on Sustainable Aviation - he will tell us thy the planes cause demage to the environment and what producers and aviation companies may do to reduce the negative impact. ... »

Better Place: Shifting Paradigms in the Automotive Industry

Case Abstract 


In a bold bid to dramatically reshape the automotive industry, start-up company Better Place is attempting to shift transportation from reliance on the environmentally destructive internal combustion engine to electric power from renewable sources.  In order to overcome the limitations of current technology and utilize off-the-shelf hardware, Better Place is rolling o ... »

Business Model Innovation by Better Place: A Green Ecosystem for the Mass Adoption of Electric Cars

Case Abstract


Shai Agassi started Better Place with the ambition of setting up an ecosystem – including a ‘smart grid’ of charging stations and battery swapping facilities – for electric vehicles. These charging stations were to be powered by electricity generated from renewable sources to eliminate indirect emissions due to the operation of electric cars. Better Place also pa ... »