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Academic Research and Sustainable Investing. Seizing the Synergies

oikos Roundtable.
Co-organized with the Henley Business School and hosted by UBS.
Thursday, 15 September 2016, 9.30am – 1.30pm.
By invitation



The momentum for sustainable investing is fueled by a myriad of actors from both academia and practice. While some bridges between them are well established, many synergies among researchers and investors remain unseized. Pressure to perform in volatile markets on the one side, and to publish in leading academic journals on the other, are among the factors that turn engagement across these bridges into a challenge.


Nonetheless, seizing the synergies between academia and practice is critical for the development of sustainable financial markets. Leveraging academic research as a source of ESG insights, while using the input from practitioners to make research both more rigorous and relevant, and supporting finance students to foster sustainability talent in the next generation of investors and asset managers are cases in point.


Against this background, the roundtable shall convene faculty, practitioners and young scholars to identify synergies for sustainable investing, define interventions for further ESG integration into finance research, and explore next steps to strengthen platforms for interaction between academia and practice.


Guiding Questions

  • What are current ‘hot topics’ on which practitioners would welcome academic input, and on which academics would look for insights from practitioners?
  • How do finance practitioners and academic researchers interact today? What are best practices for these interactions? What are pitfalls?
  • Where is potential and what are impediments for further collaborations?


oikos Young Scholars Finance Academy

The roundtable takes place on the last day of the sixth oikos Young Scholars Finance Academy co-organized by oikos and Henley Business School from 11-15 September 2016. The academy provides a unique platform for exceptional PhD and post-doctoral researchers in the field of finance and sustainability to advance their research and expand their international research relations. Selected participants will present their research in the break of the roundtable. Faculty at the academy include Professor Jill Atkins, Professor Mike Barnett and Professor Sébastien Pouget. The full programme of the academy is available at