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oikos Spring Meeting 2019

The oikos Spring Meeting 2019 will be hosted from 15 March to 18 March 2019 in Belgrade, Serbia, with the main focus on Sustainable Urbanism.

The upcoming oikos Spring Meeting is taking place in Belgrade as it is a great example of rapid expansion of a city through extensive urban planning, which had failed to foresee many environmental issues arising from such a development. Many decades later, the city is reaching close to 2 million inhabitants, with shrinking green spaces, inefficient infrastructure, high pollution and an inefficient public transport based mostly on fossil fuels. Of course, Belgrade is not alone in this, as many cities, especially in Eastern Europe and Asia, all face similar problems, following decades of industrialization and a lack of environmental awareness. The goal of the event is to gather oikos members from all over the world to get more familiar with the issue, exchange their ideas and work together towards raising awareness and looking into possible solutions. oikos Spring Meeting 2019 will feature many lectures, panels and workshops with interesting speakers and some of the renowned experts in the field.

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