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Panel Discussion on Food Waste Causes & Solutions

oikos Lund in partnership with Food Saving Lund will host a panel discussion on Food Waste Causes & Solutions.

Globally, 5.4 million square miles of land — around 10% of the planet’s habitable surface – is used to produce food that is never eaten (WWF, 2018). If food waste was a country, its emissions would come in third after only China and the United States (FAO, n.d.).

Is food waste the world’s most unnecessary problem? Or has the importance of food waste been overrepresented at the expense of other types of waste? Join Oikos Lund and Food Saving Lund for a panel discussion on the causes, effects, and potential solutions to food waste.

Our Panelists


Founder of Gram Malmö, Sweden’s first package free store.
Rowan will be discussing her motivation behind starting Gram Malmö, and the associated challenges and opportunities with selling package-free food and household products.


Department for Service Management and Service Studies.
Hervé has researched the production and management of waste, including ethical normalization of food waste by food management and the overrepresentation of food waste in waste plans.


Department of Design Sciences.
Katrin’s research explores the environmental impact of packaging in food supply chains, while unravelling the “Green Packaging Dilemma”.


Post Doc, Federal University of Rio de Janeiro; former PhD student at LTH: Department of Chemical Engineering.
Anna will be discussing household food waste separation and the importance of convenience, as well as outlining the role of life cycle analysis in evaluating the environmental impact of food waste.

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