Who we are

oikos Lund is a student organization focusing on the topic of sustainable business. We empower students to understand the concept of sustainability in economics and management through our projects. We believe that social, ecological and economic sustainability are essential elements for a better tomorrow. Therefore, we try to reach as many students as possible and make sustainability a constant companion in their future decisions. Click here to learn more about us!



30 December 2017 | Chapter-News

Oikos Lund is looking for people interested in sustainable economics and management to help develop the organisation into a real game-changer at Lund University. We aim to spread knowledge regarding sustainability on a small and large scale, but... »

30 December 2017 | Chapter-News

Oikos Mind is the place where we collect ideas and opinions of oikees in Lund! Our first entry is from Hanako Muta from Japan. She gives her perspective on Fast Fashion in Japan after spending the semester in... »

30 December 2017 | Chapter-News

It is almost the last day of 2017! Oikos Lund joined a lot of forces the past semester and organized two successful events bringing together like-minded and a diverse group of students. All interested in making a difference... »

12 November 2017 | Chapter-News

Laura Rodrigues (Finance), Karin Valverde Pedrique (Human Resources), Sietse Compagner (Vice President), Lea Kauffmann de Vries (President), Iris van der Heijden (Marketing & Communications) and Fanny Teppe (External Relations) form the new oikos Lund Executive Board. Find out more!... »