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Value Creation from Sustainability

The market environment is fundamentally changing in the face of immense global environmental and social challenges, and the need for sustainable business practices represents an important opportunity for businesses and organizations to seize. Integrating environmental and social values into core business activities is the crucial for lasting profit and growth. Please join us on September 27th at 7pm CEST online for a lively panel by oikos Alumni on the role of sustainability in creating long-term value and business resiliency. How can sustainability be developed and leveraged as a competitive advantage? How can environmentally and socially responsible practices make businesses more economically profitable and organizationally resilient moving into the future? We will discuss the role that consultancies play in helping organizations strategically adopt and embed sustainable practices to create long-term value and resilience.

Two panelists will lead the discussion on Sustainability Consulting for Value Creation.

  • Katharina Beck, Manager, Accenture Strategy Sustainability Services
  • Thomas Petruschke,  Managing Director, BSD Consulting

Greg Ives will moderate the panel.

More info here.