oikos in (your) Residence

oikos in Residence is a platform for accelerating the creation of materials that will help groups working toward curriculum change in economics and management.

Over the years, we have learned that students are totally capable of creating many of the resources we need to successfully campaign for curriculum change. We’ve also learned that creating these resources can take a ton of time, especially when teams are working with students based in different places.

The goal of oikos in Residence is to kickstart or accelerate these projects by providing a physical space for extended in-person work on international projects related to curriculum change.

The student movement to reform economics and management education has already produced an exciting number of books, reports, articles, bookelts, and websites (read more about that here). The Residence program will continue this tradition by helping members develop, expand and advance their own projects.

Learn more and sign up: https://oikos-international.org/programs/curriculum-change-initiative/oikos-in-residence/

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oikos International

posted June 29, 2020

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