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FutureLab News

Call for workshops at the 2021 FutureLab

The oikos Curriculum Change Squad invites you to organize a workshop at 2021 FutureLab!

The 10th annual oikos FutureLab will take place online form April 23rd to 25th 2021. The event will be focused on the “Justice Shift – Building a passage for a just world”, with a series of speakers, workshops, open spaces and interactive activities. On the 25th, the Curriculum Research Squad will be hosting a workshop on “Justice in Education”. We want the workshop to highlight various topics related to sustainability in business and economics education. We already have a few teams ready to run workshops, but we’re looking for more!

The workshop will be 1.5 hours long and can be on any topic related to sustainability in economics and management education.
Oikos is the international organization of students for sustainability in economics and management education and the FutureLab is
our flagship annual event.

Want to develop recourses forcurriculum change?

The oikos Research Squad is a group of oikees who are working on creating the resources and materials needed to build a better business and economics education. This year, the research squad is organizing the first oikos Curriculum Camp, a week-long gathering for teams working on different topics to come together to make guides which can be used by the oikos community (see a previous example on Pluralist Economics here). Curriculum Camp is scheduled for late August 2021 in the mountains outside of Turin, Italy.

The FutureLab will be the starting place for Curriculum Camp. All the workshop leaders for the “Justice in Education” session will be invited to create squads which will continue to work on their topic after the FutureLab. Each team will be expected to have at least one call per month (May, June, July) in which they start to develop a project based on their topic. The most active squads will then be invited to further develop their projects in person at curriculum camp.

If you’re interested in organizing a workshop send a title, short paragraph description, and a few words about yourself to the Research Squad at by April 10th. Everyone is welcome to propose a workshop, even if you haven’t been involved with oikos before. If you’re interested in joining Curriculum Camp but don’t want to lead a project team let us know by filling out this interest survey.