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Register now for ICC 2024

We are excited to announce that the International Chapter Conference (ICC) 2024 in Barcelona – registrations are now extended until February 23rd!

What is ICC?

International Chapter Conference is an annual conference hosted by a different oikos Chapter each year. It is the biggest gathering of our community where oikos members and alumni alike, get the chance to meet up in person, learn, network, and exchange on different sustainability-related topics. While it is a community get-together, we openly embrace changemakers from all walks of life, eager to join forces in making a difference in the world!

Sustainable Cities & Communities

This year’s ICC will take place in Barcelona from 14 to 17 March. The main topic of the conference is based on the SDG 11 – Sustainable Cities & Communities and over the course of it, we will dwell deep into the different aspects of what sustainable urban life entails. We aim to tackle the challenges and opportunities in reshaping urban areas and combating the effects of climate change, as well as social, economic, and environmental factors touching the lives of billions across the globe.

ICC 2024 will feature experts with a diverse range of backgrounds. They will offer insights to participants touching upon fields like construction, legislation, transportation, and more, exploring challenges and solutions that can lead to reshaping our cities more sustainably. All these aspects combined will help create a better vision of sustainable cities and communities and address questions that arise from it like how to make them inclusive to everyone, improve mobility and create resilient and future-proof communities.

Why Barcelona?

Barcelona is where the roots of modern city planning and the science of urbanization have spread worldwide. Throughout history, innovative and radical ideas originating from here had a long-reaching impact, in many ways influencing the modern development of urban living. That is why, we are gathering changemakers from around the world in Barcelona, bringing their individual understanding and perspectives on sustainability. Empowered by this diversity we wish to foster a movement in rethinking what it means to live in a city or community and drive the change together!

oikos Community coming together

ICC plays an important role in oikos Community. It is the place where both our active members and alumni alike, from all chapters within our network get together and build strong connections that form the foundations of our global community. For years it has been one of the most anticipated events on the oikos calendar as a gathering place for oikees from across the world to come together! It is a unique opportunity for all oikos Chapters’ members to meet fellow changemakers from different cities and countries, exchange and really take in the Community feeling.

This community building over the years made it an important point in oikos journeys of many of our members past and present. It’s where many oikees have made friends for life, have come up with innovative ideas for collaborations, and expanded professional networks to include connections from different fields all united in the vision of a sustainable world of tomorrow! That’s why ICC truly highlights the diversity of our community. Alongside the active and alumni members, we reach out a hand in a welcoming embrace to all friends of our network, advisors and partners, but even beyond! Whether you wish to learn or share your own knowledge and join forces with fellow changemakers in our community – we invite you to join this exciting conference!

Conference Agenda

Our team is creating an exciting agenda in store for you! Across the four days of the conference, the thematic inputs will mainly happen over the first two days, while the remaining two leave plenty of space for networking and community building. At this moment, the Agenda is not yet finalized, but we have provided you with a general outline. Keep in mind that changes will occur in the upcoming days and weeks and we will make sure to keep you up to date on it. Find the most up-to-date information regularly updated in our Participant’s Guide.

How to register?

Deadline extended – the registration is open to everyone until February 23 and you can do it by filling out the form below!

*To cover our costs for offering food, drinks, snacks and an exciting agenda to you, we charge a participation fee. All participants are required to pay the participation fee prior to the conference (payment instructions follow after your registration). Unfortunately, as much as we aim to make our events free to attend as much as possible, the costs of hosting such an event put on a lot of pressure and strain the resources of local chapters hosting it. It is why this year the fee is reintroduced and it’s entirely directed at covering the costs of food and venues at the conference. oikos Barcelona chapter has managed to secure funding to cover most of the Conference costs, which lowers the participation fee for all participants to €10 per day. The participation fee for the full conference is €30. If you can only attend a portion of the conference the fee is lowered (€10 per day).* You can find more details about it here.

Payment details will be sent to you after registration.

Accommodation during the conference

The Participation fee does not cover the accommodation. However, we can provide a discounted price of €67 for 3 nights for a limited number of participants who stay for the entirety of the conference (14 to 17 March).

You can choose this option in the registration form. The participants who chose to book their stay this way will be staying at the Inout Hostel, from which the venues can be reached easily.

Unfortunately, we cannot cover the costs of travel to and from Barcelona, which is the responsibility of participants to arrange individually. The participation fee (and accommodation if you’re booking via oikos) needs to be paid prior to the conference. You will receive payment instructions via email soon after registering.


ESADE Sant Cugat

Egarage, Fusion point, 3D10 classroom

If you have any questions – reach out to us at

We look forward to hosting you in Barcelona!