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oikos Hong Kong Sustainability Impact Case Competition 2019

oikos Hong Kong is pleased to hold our Sustainability Impact Case Competition (SICC) on 29 April 2019. The winning team will be qualified to take part in the oikos International FutureLab in Geneva in this coming fall with sponsorship.

Sign up now! Deadline for registration: 23:59(HKT) on 12 April 2019

Special thanks to HKUST Business School Department of Management, ... »

Panel diskusija "Korporativno održivo poslovanje"


U ponedeljak 19. marta održana je panel diskusija "Korporativno održivo poslovanje" u organizaciji oikos Belgrade i Grupe za SPEKOF.

Na Ekonomskom fakultetu Univerziteta u Beogradu studenti su prisustvovali diskusiji koja je za cilj imala da prikaže šta je to zapravo korporativna odgovornost i da pojam približi studentima. Učesnici u diskusiji pokazali su različito gledište na ... »

China charges 9 people for dumping toxic waste

Pollution has become a major issue for China's growing middle class, frustrated with years of grey skies and polluted rivers, and the government is anxious to show it is addressing the problem.

Chinese authorities have charged nine people from a waste treatment facility with the dumping tens of thousands of tons of toxic waste into a section of the Yangtze River near Shanghai.

The charges we ... »

Are countries being honest about their carbon emissions? Satellites could tel

By Sid Perkins

It’s all fine and good to sign a climate treaty, but how do you know whether a country is keeping its word? Track it from space. Researchers have shown that observations by Earth-orbiting instruments can be used to estimate carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions from individual power plants. NASA’s Orbiting Carbon Observatory 2 (OCO-2; artist’s concept above), which was launched ... »

Global Responsible Intergenerational Leadership Book Launch -- Noon, Room 908, 6 East 16th Street

Join Oikos International New York City Chapter for a Book Launch Event of Julia M. Puaschunder's 'Global Responsible Intergenerational Leadership: A Conceptual Framework and Implementation Guidance for Intergenerational Fairness' with Vernon Arts & Sciences.

Today's grand policy d ... »

‘Enrich Not Exploit’: Can New CSR Strategy Help Body Shop Regain Glory?


This case looks at some key challenges before Jeremy Schwartz (Schwartz), CEO of The Body Shop International Plc. (Body Shop), and its International Director of Corporate Responsibility and Campaigns, Christopher Davis (Davis), as they try to re-establish the company as a leader in ethical retail and maintain its distinct image amid tough competition and boost sales.

Body ... »

Bridge International Academies


Bridge International Academy (Bridge), the world’s largest and fastest growing private school chain, is known for its radically innovative “Academy-in-a-Box” model, which is a scalable and easily replicable model that offers low cost unique solutions to the problem of quality education to children at the bottom of the pyramid. With the mission of providing ‘Knowledge ... »

Wind in the Sails: Managing Social Acceptance of Large Wind Energy Projects in Switzerland


Shortly after the Fukushima meltdown of 2011, the Swiss government developed an Energy Strategy 2050, aimed to build up renewable energy capacity, improve energy efficiency and phase out nuclear energy. Yet, growth in the wind sector had been disappointing. This case study examines the factors that took the wind out of sails of large wind projects in Switzerland, paying special attenti ... »

Social Responsibility in a Context of Globalization of the Markets: Comparative Study of Public Policies Articulation in the Pharmaceutical Industry of Brazil and Spain

Capitalist society faces one of its greatest challenges in the beginning of the millennium: How can sustainable social, economic and environmental development be reconciled with capitalist drivers of efficiency and generation of profits? With increasing international integration and pressure from financial markets, typical of the current neoliberal power model, it calls into question the extent to ... »

Join the CEE Meeting 2016

The oikos Central and Eastern European (CEE) Meeting 2016 will be hosted by oikos Bratislava, Slovakia. Further information will follow soon, stay updated here: ... »

Catalyzing a Shared Sustainable Future: Responsible Banking at Yes Bank



As a leader in sustainable finance in India, Yes Bank reached the milestone of mainstreaming sustainability within its core business principles with a vision of evolving as the ‘Best Quality Bank of the World in India by 2020’. The sustainable corporate performance of the bank focussed on the triple bottom-line ethos, wherein the three interlinked measurement elements — ... »

The Case for Divestment: Rockefellers’ Fortune?



Founded in 1940, the Rockefeller Brothers Fund (RBF) is a private charitable foundation endowed with John D. Rockefeller’s heritage made in the fossil fuel sector from so called “Big Oil” companies. While it is RBF’s mission to advance social change and to contribute to a more just, sustainable, and peaceful world, in 2014 the fund was still invested in fossil fuels - ... »

KTDAL – Building Sustainability through Inclusion



Kenya Tea Development Agency Limited (KTDAL) follows a unique model under which small tea farmers are shareholders. By the end of 2013, it had around 560,000 such shareholders. The farmers not only get money for the tea leaves they produce but also receive a share in the profits, which means they receive a higher price per kg of tea leaves than tea farmers anywhere else in th ... »

SpringMeeting - Was macht oikos aus?

SpringMeeting    - Was macht oikos aus?

Was charakterisiert uns wirklich? Nicht jeder hat ein klares Bild was sich hinter unserem Slogan „Students for sustainability in economics and management“. Ein Zusammenschluss von Studenten mit einer gemeinsamen Zielsetzung und dem Fokus auf internationale Kommunikation und Austausch von Studenten. Wir alle teilen ein starkes Interesse an nachhal ... »

Corporate Governance and Firm Performance: The Sustainability Equation?

In order to achieve a sustainable growth and to respond to social pressures, firms develop their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policy. Corporate Governance, especially the board of directors, plays here a strategic role by integrating the environmental, social and societal objectives in the decision-making process. Based on the French case, this dissertation analyzes how corporate governan ... »

What does CSR mean? oikos Meeting 14.10.2015


What is actually the social responsibility of business about? Is it only about the marketing activities that are becoming ever more popular? Or does it truly constitute the key component of a business strategy? Was Milton Friedman right while saying that the social responsibility of business is to increase its profits? And what did he actually mean?

We will provide answers to the ... »

oikos Event: Fairnopoly

April 2nd saw oikos St Andrews members coming together at the St Andrews Brew Pub for the annual general meeting!


Along with the discussing the annual financial reports and accepting the societies constitution, members voted on candidates for the Executive Committee positions for the upcoming academic year.


The Results:

President: Isabella Reinhard

Vice-president: ... »

oikos Members Pursue International Impact

On June 21st, 2015, three oikos members traveled to New York City with a bag full of aspirations and enthousiasm. Anita Negri, Julia Weber (oikos Vienna, COMMIT Manager) and Nikolay Ivanov (oikos Copenhagen, CBS PRME), first attended the GRLI Annual Meeting (June 21st and 22nd).


On the first day of the GRLI AGM, the oikos team met with Chris Taylor, the so-called, mentor of COMMIT. C ... »

From Sweatshops to Sustainability: Wal-Mart’s Journey in Bangladesh



Walmart the largest company in the world by revenues as of 2014, operated on the philosophy of providing its consumers products at the lowest possible price. To achieve this, it procured goods from various parts of the world. The clothes were mostly procured from Bangladesh. Walmart and other global retailers were attracted to Bangladesh due to cheap labor and low productio ... »

Apple and Conflict Minerals: Ethical Sourcing for Sustainability



The success of Apple Inc.’s products like the iPhone and the iPad made the company rely on manufacturers in Asia to produce its products at a lower cost. Since these manufacturers were not too particular about checking the origins of the minerals they used, Apple had to face accusations by activists that it was using conflict minerals in its products. These conflict mineral ... »

The German ‘Energiewende’: RWE’s Strategic Choice



In July 2012 Peter Terium was named the new CEO of RWE, the biggest electricity provider in Germany. RWE has performed financially well over the previous 40 years with annual sales greater than €50bn since 2010. However, in 2014 the company had to disclose €2.8bn of net losses for the first time in its history.[i] This prompted an urgent need to change RWE’s corporate s ... »

Hopworks Urban Brewery: A Case of Sustainable Beer



Founded in 2007 in Portland, Oregon, Hopworks Urban Brewery is a sustainability-focused brewpub that produces certified organic beer. The State of Oregon is the second largest producer of hops, a main ingredient in beer, in the United States, and also has more craft breweries per capita than any other state. The metro area of Portland, home to over 2 million people, has over ... »

Succession at Berrett-Koehler Publishers: Institutionalizing the “BK Way” and Protecting BK Values for Future Success



Many for-profit enterprises with a strong social or environmental mission, as well as businesses with a strong commitment to corporate social responsibility, struggle with the issue of keeping their social or environmental mission alive as the companies grow larger, bring in new investors, deal with mergers and acquisitions, and change leadership. There have been many failure ... »

Kolaps a postkolapsová společnost

Na co se těšit?  

Jak si vede naše civilizace v porovnání s historickými kolapsy civilizací v historii lidstva? Co naše společnosti činí špatně a co bychom naopak mohli změnit, abychom se kolapsu vyhnuli? Další přednáška  Milana Smrže ze společnosti Eurosolar.



   Hlavní témata přednášky: Kolaps jako logické vyústění sou ... »

Climate Damage, Portfolio Risk and Forceful Stewardship

„oikos Graz – Studierende für Nachhaltiges Wirtschaften und Management“ ist ein studentischer Verein der versucht durch seine Veranstaltungen und Projekte alle Studierenden zu einem nachhaltigeren Handeln zu bewegen. Veranstaltungen „von Studierenden für Studierende“ erleichtern den jungen Menschen den Zugang zu einem allgegenwärtigen Thema.

oikos Graz ist Teil eines internationale ... »

Barrick Gold: A Perfect Storm at Pascua Lama



This case study is about a gold mining company that sought to practice “responsible mining” by reaching out to stakeholders and addressing environmental concerns, but which nevertheless attracted a host of protestors and opponents. Punctuated by testimony from its 85-year-old founder, it offers unique insights into Barrick Gold Corporation in the age-old pursuit of the pr ... »

Faculty from Concordia University, Mc Gill University and Carinthia University of Applied Sciences Win oikos Case Writing Competition 2014

11th edition of the annual oikos Case Writing Competition awards leading teaching cases on sustainability in management and entrepreneurship  

St. Gallen, 26th May 2014 – oikos, the international student-driven organization for sustainable management and economics, announced the winners of its annual oikos Case Writing Competition. The first prize in the corporate sustainability track i ... »

oikos&Pizza - CINEMA


What better to do after the Fade-Out Party than watching a movie with your friends?

In our traditional format (free beer, Lemonaid and Pizza)

we are going to watch the movie "let's make money" of Erwin Wagenhofer

Watch the trailer here.

Time & Place: 19.00, Tigerbergstrasse 2, 9000 St. Gallen


Language: German/English ... »

Attraction to CSR III

Attraction to CSR III is a series of free workshops on CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) that are to take place on four Warsaw universities. During the unique workshops you will explore the secrets of sustainable management in big international corporations. The agenda of the workshops:

1) 12th of May (Monday), 15:00 - 16:30, UKSW, room nr 314, building nr 21. "How to successfully impleme ... »

oikos & Pizza // Gesundes Leben, gesundes Wohnen - Ist Cradle to Cradle die Lösung?

Mit der Veranstaltung „oikos & pizza“ laden wir jeden ersten Mittwoch im Monat zum offenen Treffen in die partizipatorische Plattform Mondbasis in der Lünertorstraße 20 ein.

Nach dem ersten Termin im Neuen Jahr zu Intergenerationellem Engagement folgt nun im Februar ein Gastauftritt einer anderen Lüneburger Initiative mit der Hochschulgruppe des Cradle to Cradle e.V. Zum einen wird ... »

Asia Meet

oikos Asia Meet 2014 will be hosted by oikos Pune at the main campus of Symbiosis International University, Pune. The theme of the Meet is 'Innovation in sustainability'. Registration is open!

Read more ... »

Business Can Care III

oikos is an

event ... »

Business Can Care III: 2nd Day

The 2nd Day of the Project Business Can Care III: Labour Market Can Be Fair. The programme of the workshops:

Thursday, 20th of March, 16:00 – 18:00

16:00 – 16:30 Responsible Business Forum

16:30 – 17:00 SYNAPSIS - The Workshop of Different Things

17:00 – 17:40 Movie screening of a documentary on social enterprises in Poland produced by oikos Warsaw

17:40 – 18 ... »

Business Can Care III: 1st Day

Unsere satzungsmäßige Mitgliederversammlung im Wintersemester 2014/15.

... »

Wyjazdowe Seminarium Naukowe

Seminar on CSR at the Marie Curie Skłodowska University. The programme:

Thursday, 6th of March Departure from Warsaw Central Station at 20:50 Friday, 7th of March: Sighteesing of the Bogdanka coal mine 6.00 arrival, registration, examination by a doctor, Health&Safety training, other formalities 7.30-8.00 going underground 8.00-12.30 sightseeing inside the coal mine 12.30-13.00 go ... »