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Start a Chapter, Join our Community!

Make a Difference!

With oikos, you get a unique opportunity to make a difference towards sustainable economics and management. Having an established oikos chapter enables you and your successors to systematically enforce a change and benefit from support and knowledge of the oikos international community.

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Why start a chapter?

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Meet Like-Minded People, Acquire Knowledge and Become a Change-maker

When managing your chapter and through participating in international projects such as the Spring Meeting, the FutureLab, regional meetings or the Winter School, you will meet people with similar values and ambitions: oikos student-members, alumni, advisors and/or partners. They will inspire you and help develop your ideas and projects.

Through oikos, you will have the opportunity to integrate sustainability in a wide array of academic fields including economics, entrepreneurship, finance, and management. You will have a chance to share and develop knowledge, skills and relationships which can help you not only to start a successful career, but also to keep a sustainable perspective on your personal and professional path. You will always find support and inspiration from many chapters with around 1000 members worldwide, from alumni, advisors, partners, and, of course, from the oikos Executive Board and international team!

How to Start a Chapter?

To become part of our network, please send an application, with the following documents:

  • * a list of team members (students (undergraduate, postgraduate or PhD)) that will form your chapter;
  • * CVs and letters of motivation of four people mentioned in the list requested above, who will likely form the chapter’s Executive Board. The motivation letters should comply with the focus of oikos, its mission and programmes
  • * at least one letter of recommendation from a local faculty member who will chair your Advisory Board
  • * a roadmap about your chapter’s strategy and activities planned for the upcoming year including the strategy for a long term stability and members recruitment;
  • * an English translation of your chapter’s constitution. Your chapter should be established as a legal entity. This means that you will need to write down  statutes that are in accordance with the Constitution of oikos International. The name of your new group will consist of the word “oikos” and the name of the town/city where your local chapter is founded (e.g. oikos Maastricht). This convention ensures that chapters are recognised as part of the international organisation, oikos.

During your application process you will be supported by an oikos Executive Board member. For more information, please contact the President of oikos International at eb@oikos-international.org. 

After your submission, the oikos Executive Board will vote on your application. If the application is successful, you will receive an official status of oikos Chapter in accession.