oikosEventsOpen LEAP Webinar | Competences for a Responsible Leader

Open LEAP Webinar | Competences for a Responsible Leader



What are the Competencies for Responsible Leaders? Mark Wade, a renowned expert in sustainability will be talking about this topic in a very interactive session.

To get the most out of the webinar, think about the questions below:

  • A leader that has inspired you. They can be people from history, current times, public figures or from your private life.
  • What made them inspiring to you? What values,  behaviours and qualities did they embody that made them so inspiring?

Come prepared to share your thoughts!

You will also have the opportunity to get to learn more about oikos LEAP and how to get involved in the LEAP Program 2019/20. This session is open to our entire community.

Mark Wade is a renowned expert in sustainability and sought after advisor and facilitator of senior executive teams and multi-stakeholder events. Mark has a passion for developing current and future leaders with the values, mindset and capacity necessary for achieving a sustainable world.

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About LEAP:

oikos LEAP is designed to inspire young leaders to become more responsible in their decision making and equip them with insights, knowledge and tools to do so.

oikos LEAP challenges participants to reflect on themselves and their values. Whilst adopting and sharing the lessons learnt in their chapters, participants practice sustainable leadership. The result is strengthened chapter performance and greater impact in line with the oikos mission. These basics will, moreover, accompany participants throughout their lives and result in change towards sustainability.

To summarize this purpose, we chose to name this program LEAP, in order to collectively and eagerly leap forward to a world of more sustainable leadership.

More info here: https://oikos-international.org/programmes/leap/