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Get ready for oikos Curriculum Camp 2022!

oikos Camp is back – this summer it’s will be moving to sunny Barcelona!

The Curriculum Camp is our project withing the Transforming Education initiative which brings together teams of young people engaged in projects which mobilize students to bring change to Business and Management education. As such, it allows international teams with members from different cities and countries get together in person and develop their projects. Through oikos Camp teams form, grow and learn through working together on projects with the support and coordination of oikos International. The Camp also provides a platform for the groups to share their work and results made over the course of it with the world.

This year, the Camp will take place from 8-14 August in Barcelona, with support from Aviva Investors and ESADE. It is the second edition of the new format following a successfull pilot in Italy last year, where we saw big projects kick-off or develop like oikos Sustainable Finance Toolkit, LEAP Tools, Positive Impact Rating, Economy Studies and more. You can read more about the projects from 2021 oikos Camp here.

The applications for teams will run through 8 July, and they’re open and free to students on all levels – from bachelor to PhD as long as they’re eager to engage in transforming higher education.

Apply now by filling this form.