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Digitalisation, data and sustainability are on everyone’s lips. Bringing these three factors together and, most importantly, demonstrating the support of sustainability through data is an exciting challenge, isn’t it?  

➡️ Are you a Student, Start Up or work in a SME? 

➡️ Are you curious about implementing data science or making your business more sustainable?

Well, then we have the right workshop for you!

In our workshops, we primarily want to give you a basic understanding of the areas in which data collected in companies can contribute to increasing value, on the one hand, and on the other hand tackle the question of how data can support your company to become more sustainable. 

Next to exploring application examples, participants can try out supporting tools in the workshop and thus have the opportunity to actively work on a specific challenge of their own company.

⠀⠀Why should you join?

⠀⠀🧰 Try our tools & have access afterward to them!

⠀⠀💻 Get access to our use cases with our best practices!

⠀⠀🕸️ Meet, brainstorm and network with other start-ups and SME’s!

⠀⠀🖊️ Key-take-aways can be directly implemented in your company

15.11.2022 2pm CET – 5pm CET (Student)

21.11.2022 2pm CET – 5pm CET (Business)

30.11.2022 2pm CET – 5pm CET (Business)

07.12.2022 2pm CET – 5pm CET (Business)

14.12.2022 2pm CET – 5pm CET (Business)

Who will facilitate?

Lilia Yang, MSc. MSc.

PhD Candidate – Sustainable Driven Business Models

Gert Breitfuss, Mag.

Know-Center – Data Driven Businesses

Navya Shiva Prakash, B.A.

oikos – Sustainability Consultant

oikos International is a student organization that raises awareness of sustainable development among future decision-makers and leaders worldwide. It provides different programs to equip students with important skills and knowledge and has a lot of different active projects worldwide.

Know-Center is a leading European research center for data-driven business and AI. Since 2001, Know-Center have been supporting well-known companies in using data as a success factor for their company. In 2020, Know-Center was the only Austrian center to receive the iSpace Gold Award from the EU, which was only given nine times in the entire EU.

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