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Inspiring Better Leadership at the oikos LEAP Meeting 2016

On November 2nd, oikos LEAP Advanced participants arrived in a sunny Speicher, just into the Swiss Canton of Appenzell. Participants from the 2015/16 track (alumni) and from the upcoming 2016/17 track greeted Swinda and Tim, two professional coaches and facilitators that would guide them throughout the coming days in the beautiful eco-hotel.

The first day started with some personal development exercises, which included a cultural exchange to close the day. The second day invited participants to look back at their personal histories and engage in intense group work. The aim of this LEAP Advanced Meeting was in fact to prepare the basis for the 9-month long LEAP Advanced journey. The evening of the second day included somatics exercises and body learning. The final day entailed reflection walks, leadership awareness exercises and the division into peer to peer groups that participants will keep learning in for the next 9 months.



On November 4th a whole new group of chapter presidents walked into the, once again, sunny countryside. The first day started with some ice breakers on the field and then it was immediately ‘thinking and action time’. Participants created a common definition of sustainability through a collaborative process. They were then asked to think about organizational governance and how to improve belonging and processes. Many ideas were shared and many presentations were given to the group. The day ended with a self-development exercise that participants shared in smaller groups. All chapter videos, that will be featured on the Annual Report 2016 were screened in the evening.

The second day was entirely facilitated by our friends at euforia. Lili and Theo (also an oikos alumnus) started the day with some insightful exercises. They then directly presented four project management tools that participants used throughout the entire day to create ideas, put together actions plans and re-think their activities and strategies. Many presentations and debates occurred and participants filled the venue with their passion and willingness to make a difference. In the evening a sweets-sharing and cultural exchange was organized, whilst the movie ‘Before The Flood’ was screened.

On the final day our friend Chris, from GRLI, and our EB Member Anna facilitated a morning session on education. Participants identified gaps within our educational systems and discussed the potential for different methodologies of learning and educating responsible leaders. The morning ended with the generation of a presentation that the presidents would then take to the oikos FutureLab to encourage fellow members to keep walking their talk. The Meeting closed with a feedback and reflection round.





“Impact isn’t a journey for one, real change is achieved in collaboration with like minded people. LEAP taught me that a common goal is necessary to begin our journey together.” – Participant, LEAP Intermediate 2016, Canada

“LEAP Intermediate 2016 was a great event, where I had a chance to meet amazing, warm and bright young people. I think the uniqueness of oikos is its people, who share the same passion towards sustainability, and who have chosen the active stance towards achieving it. During LEAP Intermediate we were all working on different tasks, participating in discussions- I believe that made us close to each other. Indeed, what can be more inspiring than people who have great commitment level and believe in what they are doing?! During LEAP Intermediate, the atmosphere was fantastic thanks to all who were participating and organizing the event. After returning home, I felt a great energy and motivation boost. Thank you all who was part of creating it and make it a wonderful experience!” – Participant, LEAP Intermediate 2016, Finland



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