Who we are
oikos International, the umbrella organization that brings all oikees together, is a student-led non-profit association that supports and fosters the network.
Founded in 1987 in Switzerland, we nowadays empower and encourage student change agents worldwide to transform their local university ecosystems as they become the leaders our world needs.

oikos International

Our community of student change agents works towards transforming management & economics education together with 48 chapters in over 20 countries worldwide and with over 1000 active oikees every year.

Our international programs aim to support the change we want to see in the world by empowering and encouraging student change agents in their development and actively creating shifts in the way curricula are structured and developed. Our focus is on economics and management education, including multiple transdisciplinary perspectives and learning approaches. This links back to our central question on how we want to learn, lead and live together.

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Our strategy

Our strategic roadmap

Our strategic efforts are guided by our values, a sense of purpose and a strategic vision and mission - giving us direction for the future of our organization.

Whereas values are key to how we want to relate with the world and each other (our ethics), our purpose is the WHY behind what we do and how we do it.

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Our purpose
oikos is all about development. Together, we are shaping the world in several ways and on several levels.

Meet the team

International board

Who are Board members?

Being a student-driven and student-led organization, the oikos board holds an important role in stewarding and role-modelling the values and ambitions of oikos.

The main role of the board is to listen attentively - to what is going on in the community, in the world around us and in the team itself, and from there, to act and respond in their granular roles and functions within the oI team.
The board is elected every year and hosts 7 student volunteers and two presidents (paid employees).

Meet the team

International management team

What is the management team?

This is the name for all of our employees, from all the different fields. Management team members have different roles and responsibilities.
Some of them are more involved in operational/administrative activities, others work for specific programmes and events hosted by oikos International.

What are working groups?

Our volunteer working groups work on oikos international matters and are facilitated by one of the board members.
Their form and ways of working are agreed upon as the group gathers around the field of work. In several cases, individual volunteers join a certain sub-team or take a specific role without being a member of a working group.

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Community voices

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What our community says about oikos

"The oikos Asia Meet was my first event with oikos. There was not a minute in the three days that I felt bored or out of place. The workshop and field trip were extraordinary and very educating. To summarize in one sentence, I attended the Asia Meet as a guest and on the third day I walked out of the venue wanting to be a member of oikos."

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