Waste Management Program

It will teach the vulnerable youth how to
gain financial security, equip them with skills
to find productive employment, help aspiring
entrepreneurs achieve success, and bring
economic development back to struggling
neighborhoods within Nairobi and Kajiado.

Waste Management Program

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Who we are

oikos ANU is one of the leading student organizations regarding the topic of sustainable business.  We empower students to understand the concept of sustainability in economics and management through a rich portfolio of projects.  We believe that social, ecological and economic sustainability belong together and are essential elements for a better tomorrow.  Therefore we try to reach as many students as possible and make sustainability a constant companion in their future decisions.

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Waste Management Project launched

09 July 2014 | Chapter-News, KENYA 1ST NATIONAL CLIMATE CHANGE DIALOGUE | Education, Waste On Wednesday 9th July 2014; the OIKOS Nazarene club in conjunction with Ecopost launched the waste management training. The purpose of the training... »

Wangari Maathai Day

03 March 2014 | Chapter-News, KENYA 1ST NATIONAL CLIMATE CHANGE DIALOGUE | Conservation, Education oikos-ANU is happy to announce that on 3rd March 2014, we have been invited to celebrate AFRICAN ENVIRONMENT DAY/WANGARI MAATHAI DAY Theme:... »