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Conference of the Parties (COP) 23.5 Azerbaijan

18 June 2018 | Chapter-News, Project, Projects

oikos Baku is pleased to introduce its new project – “Conference of Parties 23.5” What is the event about? COP 23.5 being as a training simulation is aimed to review the implementation of the Convention that has a primary objective of tackling climate change issues around the world by reducing greenhouse gas emissions. The Kyoto Protocol and The Paris Agreement being as importants of the Convention, as well as other conferences will be in-detail covered during the event. Some topics of the Convention including Science, Climate Finance and Technology, Education and Youth and others, and their role in the further possible progression in a resolution of climate change issues will be of extensive consideration as well. It is also... »

oikos Academy for Young and Sustainable Leaders

On 17th of February, oikos Baku announced the first day of the new project called “oikos Academy” which was long-term training for oikos Baku members held until 25th of February. The goal of oikos Academy was to create young and sustainable leaders capable of thinking globally and towards the future. The Event encompassed holistic, open-ended, co-operative and experiential learning approaches to sustainability issues, which altogether assisted the participants to get the whole picture about sustainability and its significance in leadership. The trainer of the project was the current president of oikos Baku, Nurlan Jahangirli. He was enrolled at COMPASS Long-Term Training Course for Trainers by the Council of Europe and delivered sessions in accordance to that. Additionally, the event... »

Climate Change Simulation (CCS) Azerbaijan

05 February 2018 | Chapter-News

oikos Baku is happy to announce the 1st ‘Climate Change Simulation’ in Azerbaijan. World Climate Simulation is to build climate change awareness and enable people to experience some of the dynamics that emerge in the UN climate negotiations. CCS Azerbaijan is a UNFCCC Simulation involving aims to raise the awareness towards Climate Change, to investigate the problems behind and arisen from Climate Change and of course building possible solutions to the issue. The discussions and decision-making process will enable a wide range of reasonable solutions to be suggested, the debate environment will help people to enhance their knowledge and experience in the field, and of course, meeting new people will be some of the outcomes of the event.... »

oikos Academy

22 January 2018 | Chapter-News, Project, Projects

oikos Baku is pleased to introduce a new project – oikos Academy! Goals:  Understanding the role of sustainability in leadership and what effects it can have in our lives  Personal and social development of oikos members through process-oriented case studies  Empowering the members to take individual sustainable actions  Learning the ways for practical implementation of the acquired knowledge Only for members of oikos Baku for developing their competences For more information please click here.... »

oikos Baku signed the contract with AMEA YTP

20 December 2017 | Chapter-News

20 December 2017 oikos Baku and AMEA YTP(ANAS HTP)signed the contract for 3 years. Nurlan Jahangirli, current President of oikos Baku for 2017/2018 has represented oikos Baku and Vusal Suleymanli, Business Developer of AMEA YTP from YTP side were responsible persons. Through the period of the contract, both organizations will support each other and HTP will provide oikos Baku with the office in the new library of Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences. 20 Dekabr 2017 oikos Bakı və AMEA YTP arasında görüş keçirilmişdir. Görüş əsnasında qurumlar arasında 3 il müddətində müqavilə imzalanmışdır. oikos Bakı tərəfindən təşkilatın sədri Nurlan Cahangirli və AMEA YTP tərəfindən təşkilatın Biznes Developeri Vüsal Süleymanlı imzaları atmışdırlar. Müqavilənin qüvvətdə olduğu müddətdə hər iki qurum qarşılığlı... »

oikos Business & Sustainability

29 November 2017 | Chapter-News, Project

oikos Baku and AYAFE are delighted to introduce a new project – oikos Business & Sustainability! 9th December at ADA University What are the Targets? * Recognition of sustainability as an important part of business activity. * Understanding the process of Integration of sustainability into business activities * Learning the ways to apply and spread the knowledge acquired during the event * Understanding the role of sustainable business in our life * Enhancing the development of green economy in Azerbaijan. For more info: Click here DEADLINE: 6 December 23:59... »