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Sustainable Future Project - Excursion to Tamiz Shahar (Clean City) JSC

On 24th of June oikos Baku held an excursion for 40 Azerbaijani students to the big state enterprise... »

Sustainable Future Project - Trainings

On the 18th of May oikos Baku gave start to a series of trainings entitled "Sustainable Future"... »

Social Entrepreneurship Academy

On the 28th of March oikos Baku gave a start to its "Social Entrepreneurship Academy" project with the... »

oikos Talks

oikos Talks

oikos Talks is a series of talk-events organized by oikos Baku. The objective of this event is to... »

Climate Change Simulation (CCS) Azerbaijan

Climate Change Simulation (CCS) Azerbaijan

CCS Azerbaijan is a UNFCCC Simulation involving aims to raise the awareness towards Climate Change, to investigate the... »

Model WTO Baku

The Model WTO Baku Conference has been held at Azerbaijan State University of Economics (UNEC) on 20th May... »

oikos Academy

oikos Academy

The Event is for the members of oikos Baku to gain excellence and enhance their skills through specific... »


oikos Baku opens a platform for people where they can ask questions, share their experiences related to a... »

Sustainability in economy

On the 25th of December in Caucasus University oikos Baku held a training on the topic ” Sustainability... »

oikos Talks 2

“oikos Talks 2” is a sequel to the project “oikos Talks” which had been undertaken to provide insights... »

Sustainability in entrepreneurship

On the 28th of December at ASAN Service Center oikos Baku held its second training on the topic... »

oikos Debates

“oikos Debates” is a project that brings different approaches to around one table due to the negotiate various... »

Marketing of the XXI century training

On the February 22 in the Caspian Plaza Business center oikos Baku held training on topic : "... »

Cycling day

At the end of April oikos Baku members held another sustainable project entitled “Cycling day” .The main aim... »

Sustainable Sales Management

oikos Baku again presents training session on sales management and business development. On 1-st of May oikos Baku... »

Beautiful Birdhouses Competition(BBC)

In the end of August oikos Baku gave start to the BBC project with the aim of protecting... »

oikos Business & Sustainability

oikos Business & Sustainability

oikos Baku and AYAFE are delighted to introduce a new project – oikos Business & Sustainability! 9th December... »

Moneypulation: Consumption Trap

Moneypulation: Consumption Trap

We as consumers are being frequently misguided by producers, we spend more time and money on things that... »

oikos International CEE Meeting

oikos International CEE Regional Meeting

oikos International CEE Regional Meeting is organized for all the oikos members all around the world and especially... »

Conference of the Parties (COP) 23.5 Azerbaijan

Conference of the Parties (COP) 23.5 Azerbaijan

oikos Baku is pleased to introduce its new project – “Conference of Parties 23.5”... »