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    oikos Business & Sustainability

    oikos Baku and AYAFE are delighted to introduce a new project – oikos Business & Sustainability!

    9th December at ADA University

    What is the event about?

    The goal of oikos Business & Sustainability is to build perceptions about sustainability through the scope of relevant fields (Business, Economics, and Engineering etc.). The Event will include the sharing of ideas, presentation of research findings and discussion of professional issues relevant Business & Sustainability science.

    Who is the event for?

    All young people, changemakers, professionals and practitioners from any professional discipline who share an interest in and concern for sustainability in a holistic perspective, where environmental, economic and social concerns intersect are encouraged to take part in the event.

    What are the Targets?

    * Recognition of sustainability as an important part of business activity.
    * Understanding the process of Integration of sustainability into business activities
    * Learning the ways to apply and spread the knowledge acquired during the event
    * Understanding the role of sustainable business in our life
    * Enhancing the development of green economy in Azerbaijan.

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    DEADLINE: 6 December 23:59