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Fashion Revolution Day 2014



Fashion Revolution 2014!

Fashion Revolution Day takes place on the 24th of April.

Palau Robert, in the very center of the city of Barcelona, will be the scene of a show of sustainable fashion to make clear that that enjoying fashion can be done without exploiting people or the environment.

More then 20 independent designers and brands take part and show their creations in order to make us think about the origins of the clothes we wear by offering a sustainable, ecological and ethical alternative.
The event takes place in the wider context of Fashion Revolution Day, a worldwide initiative – over 40 cities take part – that was born after the collapse of Rana Plaza, a building in Bangladesh that housed several textile workshops, in which 1.129 textile workers lost their lives. Those workshops produced clothes for brands as Benetton, Mango or Primark.

Fashion Revolution Day takes place the 24th of April. This day we commemorate the people who lost their lives at Rana Plaza and reflect about the origin of the clothes we wear. As Gema Gómez, CEO of Slow Fashion Spain (SFS), the platform that coordinates Spain´s contribution to Fashion Revolution Day, says: “If every time we would buy a piece of clothing we would have a flashback of the way this piece has traveled before it came into our hands, we would return it to the rack in 99,9 % of the cases. We are being fooled when we are told that we can buy without any damage to people or the environment.

In Barcelona the Association for Sustainable Fashion Barcelona (Ms bcn), the platform that organizes the fashion show is taking this thought a step further, offering the public truly sustainable alternatives. Virginia Rondeel, chairwoman of the Association for Sustainable Fashion Barcelona expresses it in the following way: With this fashion show we like to demonstrate that there many designers and brands that produce high quality collections of sustainable fashion. We want to free ourselves from labels such as “hippy” or “ethnic”, as many people still associate sustainability with such notions. April 24th will show you quite the contrary.
With this fashion show Ms bcn wants to create awareness in our society of the fact that most of the clothes we wear are produced with the sole objective of creating maximum profit.

Both Ms bcn and SFS think its is very important that we reflect upon these subjects. “Less clothes but from a better quality” and above all “care for the planet and its inhabitants”.

To find out more, visit http://www.fashionrevolution.org/