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Conference: Sustainable Tourism and Mobility

  • UNWTO ‘Tourism Towards 2030’, has estimated that there will be 1.8 billion international arrivals by 2030. 2016 was the seventh consecutive year of sustained growth for the tourism industry following the 2009 global economic and financial crisis. The evidence suggests that the trend is also true for 2017 (source: UNWTO).

    The growing mobility has a lot of advantages, but problems are there too. Traditional tourism can be blamed for a loss of biodiversity, solid waste and littering, air pollution, and social dislocation. These problems have generated a need for more responsible tourism practices, which lead to the development of a concept – sustainable tourism – “tourism that respects both local people and the traveler, cultural heritage and the environment”.

    By adopting more responsible approaches and policies, tourism industry, on the one hand, can continue to grow financially and ensure the economic stability of people depending on the industry, on the other hand, it has a great potential to increase positive impact in the social and environmental realm. One obvious solution to achieve this goal would be an incorporation of relevant SDG aspects to the industries day-to-day activities and practices. The effects, in this case, are twofold, since “tourism has the potential to contribute, directly or indirectly, to all of the goals. In particular, it has been included as targets in Goals 8, 12 and 14 on inclusive and sustainable economic growth, sustainable consumption and production (SCP) and the sustainable use of oceans and marine resources, respectively”.

    In our oikos community we identified a need to be aware of existing and future trends in the sustainable industry practices. Our vision is to bring the oikos network together to share and facilitate knowledge across different local chapters in order to promote, inspire and enable solutions towards  the sustainable tourism.

    During the 70th Session of the UN General Assembly 154 heads of state or government adopted the bold and ambitious 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, along with the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) that aim to, inter alia, – end poverty, protect the planet, and ensure prosperity for all.

    In a travel destination such as Barcelona, tourism is a basic and integral part of our daily life and the fundamental role of mobility is evident. Because the city offers so many attractions and tourism contributes so much to its financial wealth, it is important to think about the great impact that a change in sustainable mobility can offer. How is the landscape of sustainable mobility presented today? Where is this mobility phenomenon going?

    Being one of the most visited cities in the world, the oikos Barcelona team has decided to construct a programme which will allow participants to get in touch with local business, entrepreneurs, and experts in the field to create consciousness about the topic.
    The objective of the Conference is to gather the international community of oikos members and local students with the aim of sharing ideas and perspectives on the future of tourism and mobility, and to enable an exchange of experiences from locally organised projects. The Meeting is going to be held at the ESADE University in Sant Cugat, a neighborhood in Barcelona.

    We expect the participation of approximately 120 students from all over the world, especially from Europe, who are going to stay in hostels situated in the centre of Barcelona.

    We look forward to seeing you!

  • The Program is tentative and subject to change. Speakers will be updated as they are confirmed.
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  • The workshop’s information will be shared soon.

  • The oikos Conference will bring together a diverse representation from the entire oikos community and will allow in-depth discussions and exchange. From oikos Barcelona we cordially invite active and motivated student members from oikos chapter network, alumni, faculty, advisors and partners.

    Registration | Chapter members

    The oikos Spring Meeting 2018 will offer professional and personal enriching experiences and the most active and committed oikos members are invited to take the best out of it. We aim for the community to actively participate in the event.

    Chapter presidents are invited to select their chapters’ most active members and encourage them to apply. Since there are usually more applications than spaces, the organizing team may select chapter members.

    We encourage you to register now: CLICK HERE

    Registration Deadline: 24th November 2018

    • Last day to apply will be 24th November
    • The first confirmation of participants will be done by 28th November
    • The second confirmation of participants will be done is free slots remain by 12th of December.  
    • LEAP Presidents Meeting: 07.03.2018-08.03.2018
    • Spring Meeting: 08.03.2018-11.03.2018

    Payment | Chapter Members

    Student participant fee is 90€, to be paid only after acceptance of your application.

    The fee includes:

    • Accommodation (check in 08.03.2018 / check out 11/03.2018)
    • Food & Beverages for the whole stay
    • Transportation within Barcelona Area (arrangement of transportation to and from the airport is not included)
    • Programmed activities

    Payment deadline 1st Round: 10th January 2018

    You can make your payment via Bank transfer or PayPal (Credit Card).

    Bank Transfer:
    Kindly find our bank details here.

    When paying your participants fee via paypal, paypal charges a fee according to the amount of transfered money. This is why you have to pay a bit more, so that we finally get the 90€/200€.

    Participant Fee (in EUR)
    First and Last Name

    Registration | Alumni, Faculty, Young Scholars, Advisors, Partners

    The Spring Meeting 2018 gathers representatives from the entire community. Therefore, you, alumnus/a, faculty member, young scholar, advisor of one of our chapters or partner are cordially invited to register.

    Register now: click here

    Registration deadline:  24th November  2018

    If you need a visa, we encourage you to apply before the deadline.

    Payment | Alumni, Faculty, Young Scholars, Advisors, Partners

    The participation fee for non-student members is 200€ for all Spring Meeting Barcelona events, including accommodation, food, transportation (in Barcelona, except from or to the airport) and extra activities (tourism, parties, etc.). In case you want to stay in another hotel, please reserve your own accommodation, but fee will not variate.

    Please make the payment only after acceptance of your application.

    Payment deadline: 10th January

    You can make your payment via Bank transfer or PayPal (Credit Card).

    Bank Transfer:
    Kindly find our bank details here.

    When paying your participants fee via paypal, paypal charges a fee according to the amount of transfered money. This is why you have to pay a bit more, so that we finally get the 90€/200€.

    Participant Fee (in EUR)
    First and Last Name

  • General Questions:

    Who can apply for the Events?

    Every member of any oikos Chapter, Alumni, Faculty, Young Scholars, Advisors, Partners, EB Members and board members are invited to join the Spring Meeting.

    How many members from each chapter get to attend the Conference?

    Two would be the ideal number of members from each chapter. In case there is an excess of applicants from your chapter, you will be put on a waitlist and we will evaluate the application when the minimum representation criteria from each chapter has been fulfilled.

    When can I arrive at and until what date will the accommodation be provided for me?

    As a chapter representative, you can check in at around 14.00 pm on Thursday 8th of November in Barcelona and check out on the morning of November 11th.

    If you are a Faculty, a Partner, Alumni or Advisor, the Spring Meeting opening session start on Thursday at 18.30 pm. For accommodation, we recommend you to stay with us at the hotel to share the experience with other participants. We also got a great deal at this hotel and if you would like to, we can reserve your accommodation for you.

    If you have any questions, please contact us at or to help you with your schedule.

    Am I entitled to any travel reimbursement for attending the Conference?

    Unfortunately, we don’t provide any travel reimbursement.

    I don't know yet who is going to be able to represent my chapter at the conference. Can we apply for the meeting right now and later switch representatives?

    If you register and you are accepted but finally you can not attend to the Spring Meeting you must not pay the fee, we will assign your slot to someone from the waiting list in the 2nd round following the minimum representation criteria we had established.

    Payment Questions:

    What is included in the 90 Euros participation fees for the conference?

    The fee includes:

    • Accommodation (check in March 8, 2018 / check out March 11, 2018)
    • Food & beverages for the whole stay
    • Transportation within the Barcelona Area (arrangement of transportation to and from the airport is not included)
    • Programmed activities

    Logistical Questions:

    Where will I be staying during the ?

    The pernoctations will be in Barcelona city in a hostel.

    How do I get to Barcelona from Barcelona airport?

    There are different options:

    1. Aerobus: is the official shuttle bus service that connects Barcelona Airport (Terminal 1 and Terminal 2) with the city center (Pl. Catalunya) in 35 minutes. It runs every day of the year with departures every 5 minutes. From 5,90 €. Ticket can be buy online.

    More information: http://www.aerobusbcn.com/en/?gclid=Cj0KCQjw4eXPBRCtARIsADvOjY1FhLidH9G1dwvlafxMGOyu16rc4-whHzlvcFGK1cZU8TE__ZpvhnIaAuRjEALw_wcB

    1. Metro:
      Metro line L9 Sud links Airport terminals T1 and T2 with the city of Barcelona every 7 minutes. There are three stations where you can change to other lines in the metro network: Torrassa (L1), Collblanc (L5) and Zona Universitària (L3). It also goes to Fira de Barcelona (Fira station). The journey by metro from the airport to Barcelona takes 32 minutes. The service operates Monday to Thursday, from 5.00 am to midnight, and Fridays and eves of public holidays, from 5.00 am to 2.00 am. On Saturdays it runs non-stop, from 5.00 am until midnight on Sunday.
    1. Train: The airport train from Barcelona Airport runs twice per hour and heads into Barcelona city centre. It stops at three main stations – Estacio Sants, Passeig de Gràcia and El Clot.

    Journey Time:

    • From Airport to Estacio Sants: 19 minutes
    • From Airport to Passeig de Gràcia: 26 minutes

    Train name:

    • Barcelona Airport Train – The R2 Nord RENFE

    Price: 4,10€

    1. Taxi: Taxis from Barcelona Airport take approximately 20 – 25 minutes to travel into the city centre from T2 and 25 – 30 minutes from T1. They have a minimum payment.
    • Taxi Fare from Airport T1: €35.00
    • Taxi Fare from Airport T2: €30.00
    • Minimum taxi fare from the airport: €20.00

    Where is the oikos Spring Meeting 2018 taking place?

    The main conferences and workshops will be held in ESADE Business School. The university has 3 campuses around Barcelona Area and the Spring Meeting will be held in Sant Cugat Campus about 45 minutes away from the city center by train. The journey from Barcelona city center to Sant Cugat is a very pleasant journey going through mountains and smalls villages that surround Barcelona.

  • Oikos Camila Carrascal

    Camila Carrascal

    Project Head

    Spring Meeting 2018

    Oikos María del Carmen Ruiz

    María del Carmen Ruiz

    Project Head

    Spring Meeting 2018

    Oikos Alícia Palmero

    Alícia Palmero

    Project Head

    Spring Meeting 2018

    Oikos Sara Gorordo

    Sara Gorordo

    Head of Admissions

    Spring Meeting 2018

    Oikos Cristina Bote

    Cristina Bote

    Head of Operations & Logistics

    Spring Meeting 2018

    Oikos Julian Beyerlein

    Julian Beyerlein

    Head of Marketing & Communication

    Spring Meeting 2018

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