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The main goal of the Central and Eastern European regional meeting is to build stronger relationship between current oikos chapters in our region and to get valid value in the front of Slovak students to ideas of sustainability in corporate world.


To reach the above-mentioned goals the CEE meeting offers a broad variety of activities. We will have session for oikees, where they would present their local activities. On Friday there will be separate conference lead by local and international experts, followed by workshops at University where participants will have an opportunity to ask questions, discuss and compare the newly acquired knowledge to the situation in their home countries.


By attending the CEE meeting you will get in touch with all oikos community in Central and Eastern Europe and meet a lot of Slovak people which share the same passion about sustainability as you do. On the other hand you help a lot to renew a local chapter of Bratislava to start a new episode of sustainable development in Slovakia with this event. The third reason to come is that you will see how different country looks and solves the same problems and dilemmas as you do.