First Round : Executive Board 2019-2020 Recruitment

Are you committed to promote sustainability and ESG in your community? Are you are ready to be the lead? If yes, you are the right person to be our next executive board member for 2019 – 2020.

Being an Executive Board members enjoy extensive benefits, including but not limited to:

1) Leadership experiences in organising a student society

2)Being part of an international student organisation

3) Opportunity to represent Hong Kong to participate in International Conferences in Switzerland and Regional Meetings across Asia

First round application closes on 30 November 2018.

Following are openings for this round of recruitment:

  1. Internal Vice President
    Oversee Chapter’s financial, human resources and membership strategy
    Develop and maintain relationships with international oikos chapters
  2. External Vice President
    Develop and maintain relationships with external corporate partners
    Oversee Chapter’s strategy for marketing and programme development
  3. Programme Director
    Organise annual chapter events including conferences/ seminar and workshop
    Develop external partnerships
  4. Marketing Director
    Formulate market strategies
    Drive awareness & engagement to the chapter
    Manage chapter’s website and social media accounts (Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram)
    Create promotional materials
  5. Financial Director
    Prepare annual financial accounts including budgets and income statement etc.
    Solicit corporate sponsors when necessary
  6. Human Resources Director
    Plan annual recruitment strategy
    Recruit new members and manage the chapter’s membership database
    Engage Chapter members on a regular basis

Open to all full time university students in Hong Kong.
Apply Here:
For more info:

Inspiring. Intriguing. Informative

The inaugural event for oikos Hong Kong was successfully completed on 6 and 7 November 2018 at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. It featured distinguished guests from various business fields including Mr. Simeon Cheng from MTR Corporation Limited , Dr. Calvin Lee Kwan from Link Asset Management Limited and Mr. Rando Yuen.

The talk provided participants a more concrete view on what large corporate in Hong Kong is doing in regard to giving back to the society.

Look forward to seeing you in our next event!

Below are some highlights from the talks.

Our Values 3: Embrace

We embrace our responsibility to give back to society.

Next, we will be introducing our executive board members. Stay Tuned!

Our Values 2: Empower

We empower leaders of tomorrow to start making a difference in the global sustainability arena today.


15 October 2018 | Chapter News

Hi everyone, Onbehalf of oikos Hong Kong, we would like to present our first event – CSR Careers Talk 2018. Featuring distinguished guests from various business fields, participants will get a more concrete view of what large corporate in... »