oikos LondonAboutMission


Both economics – ‘the science of household economy’ and ecology – ‘The science of environmental interactions’ have their common etymological root in the Greek word ‘oikos’. The name ‘oikos’ was therefore given to our society to highlight the common origin and interconnections between the economy and the environment.

oikos London has been promoting sustainability as part of the wider oikos network for more than 14 years. Its mission is to engage with issues of sustainability among students, support the integration of sustainability issues into business and economics education and  develop students’ skills in communication and bringing ideas into reality. Our aims can be divided into:

Generating knowledge

we seek to educate students on economic, social, and environmental sustainability issues.

Creating action learning experiences

We seek to enable students  to apply theoretical knowledge in practice and to experience sustainability in real-life projects through action learning experiences. We seek to enable students to take their role as active agents for a social and ecological economy.

Creating impacts in London universities

oikos aims to sensitize students to ideas of sustainability and try to make the campus itself more environmentally sustainable.

Encouraging and promoting sustainability in research and teaching

oikos seeks to encourage research  in the field of sustainability through creating appropriate educational offerings and incentives to encourage them to research these areas.