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Prof. Dr. Rob Bauer (Maastricht University)


Rob Bauer is Professor of Finance (chair: Institutional Investments) at Maastricht University with academic research focus on pension funds, social responsible investments (SRI), corporate governance and other fields. Moreover he supports Maastricht University in the position of the director of the European Centre for Corporate Engagement (ECCE). Beside these engagements Rob Bauer is also the managing director and founder of Rob Bauer Consultants B.V., a consultancy firm that advises institutional investors, as well as a member of several advisory boards including Philips Pension Fund, European Pension Academy and ESG Investing of Deutsche Bank Advisors. Due to his tremendous knowledge and experience as well as the network he provides we think that Rob Bauer is perfectly equipped to be our faculty advisor and first advisory board member. We appreciate his engagement in oikos Maastricht and look forward to work together with him.




1)   What is your relation to oikos? Why did you become an advisor of oikos Maastricht?

Initially, I got to know oikos when I was invited by Joost Hampschmitt to coach a PhD event in Gais (Switzerland) in 2010. Shortly after that, I was approached by the founders of oikos Maastricht. Thus, my involvement here in Maastricht began by the end of 2010 which means that I following and guiding oikos Maastricht’s development from the very beginning.


2)   In which areas can you support oikos best?

First of all, I can support oikos with regard to content in the field of financial markets and sustainable development. Furthermore, I can provide feedback on the strategy of the organization, especially within oikos Maastricht’s internal and external network.


3)   To which networks, companies and persons do you have good contacts?

My network consists of various investor associations of which some are directed towards sustainable investment, such as PRI by the UN which is based in London. Additionally, I am connected to investor initiatives, e.g. Institutional Investor Group on Climate Change (IIGCC).

Moreover, I have contacts to EuroSIF, a lobby group based in Paris, which is the head of several social investment forums. On a local scale of course my network consists of ECCE, as well as GRESB.


4)   Which topics of sustainability do you find most interesting?

I am truly interested in sustainability issues related to financial markets, especially at the micro-level. What I find very interesting is the climate of social banks, the demand side at the individual level and the consumer choices and motives related to that. In addition, the aspect of shareholder activism fascinates me, especially how one can make them more effective.