Kate Negacz – President 2009

Kate Negacz

Kate Negacz studies International Economics at the Warsaw School of Economics and Law at  the University of Warsaw, Poland. During her studies, she held a position of teacher preparing for civic education competitions. As a person strongly involved in the social aspects of sustainability she became a member of oikos Warsaw. Her interest in international relations, sustainability, globalization, world economic politics, integration of the European Union are closely connected with the sustainable development issue.She was a participant of many oikos programmes such as PLP, PDF, Spring and Autumn Meetings. She is a member of an array of different academic organisations: oikos Warsaw, Amnesty International, Student Society for Foreign Affairs and Student Society for Corporate Finance. Amongst the events that she has co-organised are: a cycle of numerous weekly academic meetings with specialists from the world of diplomacy science and journalism, a panel discussion for sustainable economics Woman in public life, a seminar about Corporate Social Responsibility, a debate with the agricultural counselor of the Netherlands, a debate World of the Middle East in contrast with the millennium goals of development, an academic conference Antimissile defensein Poland.

Anna Ritschel – Director Internal Processes

Anna Ritschel

Anna Ritschel is studying economics at the University of Bayreuth, Germany. Her focus areas are international trade relations and finance. She joined oikos Bayreuth in April 2006. As an active member in her chapter she especially worked on a project introducing sustainability reporting in her university. In this context she took part in the oikos Project Leadership Programme. Her task in the EB is to compile and provide news and information to the oikos network and externally.


Frank-Elmar Linxweiler – Director Finances

Frank-Elmar Linxweiler

Frank graduated from the University of St.Gallen and holds a Master in Economics and Finance. After his studies he completed as well the Chartered Financial Analyst program of the CFA-Institue and the Certified Financial Risk Manager program of the Global Association of Risk Professionals. Currently he is working as a wealth manager for individuals and he is a teaching assistant for economics at the University of St.Gallen. Frank joined oikos-St.Gallen in 1996 and he was among the people who took the decision to found oikos International. Subsequently he served as the president of oikos St.Gallen and as the Financial Director both for oikos St.Gallen and oikos International. Two examples of his oikos work are a workshop on „Green Venture Capital“ at the oikos Conference 1997 and a workshop on „Sustainability Stock Indexes“ at an oikos Conference 2004 in Ljubljana. Frank belonged as well to the team that organised the first Model WTO in 1997.


Johannes Thema – Director Communication

Johannes Thema

Johannes studies Economics and Political Sciences at the University of Cologne. He participates in the local oikos Cologne chapter since 2006 and was member of the local Executive Board 2008.
Johannes works at the chair of International Politics and in the Institute for Macroeconomics and Business Cycle Research in Düsseldorf (IMK).
Amongst the oikos events he organised with the local team were a full-day workshop on future sustainable energy supply in Germany, the Spring Meeting 2008 on sustainable production and a lecture series on development cooperation in the winter-term 08/09.
In the oikos International Executive Board 2009, Johannes is mainly in charge of working on the enhancement of local chapters’ and internationals’ website.


Marcus Tscherner – Director External Processes

Marcus Tscherner

Marcus studies Economics and Political Sciences at the University of Cologne. He joined the local oikos Cologne chapter in 2007 and was a member of the local Executive Board 2008. Marcus works currently for ICON Public Sector GmbH, a consulting firm in development aid programmes. From 2004 to 2007 he completed a vocational training at KfW banking group. Amongst the oikos events he organised with the local team were several panel discussions on development cooperation, the Spring Meeting 2008 on sustainable production, a lecture series on development cooperation in the winter-term 08/09 and a panel discussion about the “Sustainable Future of Financial Markets”. In the oikos International Executive Board 2009, his tasks is to strengthen strategic cooperation between oikos International and external groups and companies, and to incorporate the oikos local chapter community.


Maciek Zyglowicz – Director Marketing

Maciej Zyglowicz

Maciej studies Finance&Banking and Management&Marketing at Warsaw School of Economics (SGH), Poland. He joined oikos Warsaw in 2006. In 2007 he was oikos Warsaw President. He is interested in Macroeconomics, Politics, Infrastructure and their influence on sustainable development of the economies. Among oikos events he co-organized at SGH were: conference “Transformation, globalization and what is next?”, report on “CSR awareness among Polish students” and “Energy-savers” competition. As a personal success he treats his achievements in regatta sailing. He used to be twice Youth Polish Champion in Laser 4.7 and Laser Radial sailing class. He was also representing twice Poland in Youth World Championships and Youth European Championships in Laser 4.7 sailing class. He loves travelling as well. His task in the oikos International Executive Board 2009 is to create and protect an image and the perception of oikos both externally and among members.