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Asia Meet

  • Theme: Empowering our Roots!

    Date: 9th – 11th February 2018

    Location: Jamshedpur (India)

    Organising Team: oikos Jamshedpur

    Programme: “Empowering Our Roots” was the theme of the oikos’ annual event in 2018. The goal of the meeting was to identify emerging trends in sustainable development and advance sustainability mindset among young leaders to bring about the necessary change. The Asia Meet 2018 offered a platform for sharing ideas and lessons learned to empower,  take action against pressing world problems and create a sustainable future.

    Discussions focused on the following areas:
    § Sharing international best practices to develop a sustainable environment
    § Leveraging said practices to facilitate context-driven needs
    § Conceptualizing projects based on the learnings imbibed.

    Read a full account of the interesting meeting here. Go to the oikos Jamshedpur website for the full program overview.

  • Theme: Together We Can! Two-way Learning between Developing and Developed Countries

    Date: 18th – 20th February 2017

    Location: Kolkata (India)

    Organising Team: oikos Kolkata, led by Bhavana Surapaneni

    Programme: With a theme focused on leveraging learnings from developed nations for developing nations and vice-versa, the Asia Meet, taking place in Kolkata, promised an enriching experience. The first day of the oikos Asia Meet focused on getting to know each other, team building, engaging in fruitful discussions on sustainability and ended with a case competiton on CSR funding for solar-microgrid companies.

    On the second day, now comfortable with each other, the group set out to explore (and solve!) real challenges faced by tribes in Mousini island, a part of Sunderbans (the largest single block of tidal halophytic mangrove forests in the world) devastated by climate change.

    Land in many parts of the Sundarbans is contaminated with salt water from repeated flooding, rendering it barren. Communities that used to rely on farming are often forced to look for alternative livelihoods as agriculture becomes increasingly difficult. On the last day of the oikos Asia Meet 2017, the participants gathered to sum up our thoughts, to create cross-chapter projects and to leave with many memories!

    Read a full account of the interesting meeting here. Go to the website of oikos Kolkata for the full program overview.

  • Theme: One World Conference (#OneWorld)

    Date: 17th April- 20th April 2016

    Location: Vellore (India)

    Organising Team: Shyam Srinivasan, Prudhvi Gadiraju; in collaboration with Ankit Agrawal and Anita Negri of oikos International.

    Programme: The #OneWorldConference aims to stitch together 3 incredibly important ideas in sustainability. First, we want to emphasize the importance of “Sustainable Energy” and bring into the picture the importance of sustainable transportation. Second, we put the definition and interpretation of  “Sustainable Living” to the test in the global scenario covering climate-related and socio-economic related agendas. Finally, we target “Sustainable Entrepreneurship” by explaining the importance of six-sigma values in this field and enabling the participants to use their attained knowledge into a Mini-Hackathon session for them to tackle current problems with development in developing nations.

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  • Theme: Sustainable solutions to urbanization

    Date: 16th April- 18th April 2015

    Location: New Delhi (India)

    Organising Team: Raisa Adhikari, Malvika Garg, Vikas Bhardwaj, Aditya Thakral, Ankur Goel,  Ankit Gupta, Nikita Chotrani, Priyank Gupta, Sandeep, Jasmine, Naimat, Nishant and Karan: in collaboration with Ankit Agrawal and Anita Negri of oikos International.

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    oikos Asia Meet 2015_PicProgramme

    The first two days will entail workshops, games, think tank activities, quizzes on sustainability and urbanization. The participants shall attempt on bringing out issues that pertain to urbanization and try to provide sustainable solutions to overcome those issues.

    The last day will involve an excursion of Delhi and we shall visit different historical monuments in the city.


    Registrations for Asia Meet 2015 are open from 19th January 2015.

    Please register here



    The student participation fee is as follows:

    Non-Asian participants: 70 EUR

    Asian participants: Rs 2500

    Payment deadline: 10th March 2015



  • Pune (India)


  • The Asia Meeting is a platform for interaction and expanding our activities in Asia.

    The first Asia Meeting was held on 28-29 January 2012 at CEPT University in Ahmedabad, India on the topic of sustainable counsumption.

    Asia Meeting

“It was a great meeting with people with great minds, excellent planning and organizing….!! Love you oikos :)” – Swapnil Gawade, Participant, Asia Meet 2014


“For me the Asia Meeting was amazing just the way it was. Firstly to mention the wonderful people. Kindhearted people who are passionate about a sustainable development of our world and care dearly about the environment and future generations. Furthermore the program during these three days was a fantastic combination of interesting lectures, hand-on activities and a tremendously inspiring visit to Vigyan Ashram! I am most thankful for all the enriching conversations and encounters. As Albert Einstein said: “We can not solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them”. The oikos Asia Meeting proved to me that there are young people who have a different way of thinking and who are eager to undertake positive changes in this world!”” – Participant, Asia Meet 2014


“During this three-day event, I was amazed to see the commitment of inspiring and self-driven oikees to make the world a better place.” – Pratik Chandwani, Chief Organizer, Asia Meet 2014