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Germany Meeting

  • Where: Reutlingen

    When: May 4 to 6 (Apply until April 6)

    Theme: Sustainable Fashion: let’s talk about tex

    oikos Reutlingen offers a colorful program of interactive workshops, lectures and expedition tours through the world of fashion and textile. At the same time, the participants will discuss main challenges of the industry and try to develop concrete solutions.

    Organizers decided to organize very relaxing Friday for the participants, therefore the Germany Meeting will begin with a guided tour through the textile chain in the university-owned machine hall and with the live music session, where the participants can socialize and learn about each other.  On Saturday, they will look a little deeper behind the scenes of the industry: There are various workshops, Lectures and a big dress exchange party. The grand finale is on Sunday, where oikos members will take charge and organize workshops on various topics for their peers.

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  • Where: Bayreuth

    When: May 12 to 14 (Apply until April 1)

    Theme: Post-Growth and Sustainable Consumption

    Every German owns approximately 10000 things. How many of them are needed? If, as science shows, we use only very few of those things regularly, how come we have them in the first place?

    The real problem here, are not our overcrowded apartments. It’s our environment that cannot sustain the level of consumption, which in most cases exploits ever more resources. Additionally, the world population growth is far from stagnant, while emerging economies hope to soon reach similar levels in consumption and material wealth as say Europe and North America. But, if that’s so, we will soon need many more planets. What is to do?

    At this year’s oikos Germany Meeting we will look at the topic “Post-Growth: Less consumption and DIY.” We want to engage with the topic of post-growth both theoretically and practically and ask ourselves, how we can contribute to establishing a post-growth paradigm.

    Visit the website of oikos Bayreuth to learn more.

  • Where: Paderborn

    When: 23-25 June 2016

    Theme: FAIRänderung

    The Germany Meeting 2016 was closely linked to the Heldentag (‘hero’s day’), one of Paderborn’s most successful projects. The meeting brought together a diversity of members and alumni from the German-speaking oikos world. With the topic FAIRänderung, the meeting was all about transitioning our economy to a fair marketplace.

  • Where: Leipzig

    When: 29-31 May

    At the oikos Germany Meeeting in Leipzig we want to start a discussion on whether the current concept of sustainability referred to by oikos chapters is still appropriate. This currently used definition describes trade-offs or tensions between economic, social and ecological aims. During the oikos Germany meeting we want to tackle sustainability from an outside-the box perspective and star a broad discourse on sustainablity concepts. We want to put questions on the agenda like:

    • Where do trade-offs between ecological, economic and social aims come from?
    • Is a sustainable system conceivable in which such trade-offs are no longer faced?
    • How to face the problem of a blurred understanding of sustainability?

    For more information click here.

  • Where: Tübingen

    When: 6-8 June

    The first ever Germany Meeting was hosted by oikos Tübingen. Under the title ‘#VERNETZT’ or ‘#CONNECTED’, members from 6 different oikos Chapters in the German-speaking region got together to discuss ways for cross-chapter collaboration. To fit the over-arching topic, members were exposed to a workshop in Tübingen’s Global Ethic Institute on “Responsibilities in a Globalized World” that drew heavily on concepts of the World Citizen and Stakeholder Theory.

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