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Evaluating the launch of a first Social Impact Bond in Switzerland

Investments are the key driving forces for the progress of our society. A new trend is being developed with impact investments, ensuring the societal value creation of the financial capital invested. Within this context, this paper introduces and critically characterizes a new product called Social Impact Bond (SIB). Reviewing the mechanism in the first part, the research raises the question about further practical implementation and benefits of this financial mechanism in the centre of continental Europe, specifically in Switzerland. This feasibility study raises the questions if (1) an interest for such mechanism exists in Geneva and (2) if a launch in 2015 could be taken into consideration. Examining the question in depth with a SIB expert, a local government officer and two heads of State as well as additional stakeholders, a real interest for this conceptual approach could be confirmed. Additionally, further steps for a launch of SIB are conceptualised providing specific points of contact to develop the mechanism in 2015