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Our team

Our team consists of students of the University of St. Gallen with different backgrounds and experiences. Nearly all fields of study are represented.


The core team of oikos consulting permanently works on developing oikos consulting further. In regurarly held meetings strategic and operative topics are discussed, developed and implemented. The aim is to ensure oikos consulting’s progress in an effective and efficient manner taking into consideration all relevant aspects.

It is supported by the extended core team, carrying out assigned tasks in daily business.

For more information about the different positions and their specific field of responsibility, contact:

Rebecca Schmid, head of competence:

Over 30 consultants are currently working on different projects throughout the semester always striving to deliver excellent results. Being the basis of every project step, our principles lived by every member and the results from the Core team’s work are how we make sure to give the highest value possible to our clients.

If you want to find out more about who is who, have a look at "Core team","Extended core team" or "Consulting team" in the left content.