Get Ready to Indulge in Real Social Business Ideas!

The most important aspect of this Summer School would be to indulge in real social business ideas.

The Virtual Business Incubator is the most innovative aspect of the event, It is an online platform, which will become a guarantee of success for all business ideas. It will answer modern business incubator challenges. Through which users will have online room, where they get news about modern social entrepreneurship. Users can get online consultations from high-level professionals. Test their ideas through the latest models, such as canvas, demonstrate their project ideas including Canvas strengths and weaknesses.

Your Learning Journey at 5200m

Whenever teams want to develop great ideas they go to high altitudes. Thus, the oikos Summer School is not to be missed for the development of great ideas and co-creative education.

Through team work, interesting lectures, field trips for research and the constant link to the regional sphere, we guarantee you will have a unique experience. Learn more about social entrepreneurship and social innovation and understand how you can take it forward, help developing countries and implement it in your own society. We will also develop a campaign together, and learn more about campaigning, to ‘become a social entrepreneur’. All the Summer School’s outcomes will be published and available to share with your peers back home and pursue your path as a social and innovative entrepreneur.

Expected enrichment:

– Participants will improve there critical thinking;

– Have real and visible impact in the Svaneti region, act as consultants in a developing economy and learn from people from different backgrounds;

– Share practical and theoretical knowledge with a small and varied group of people which includes world renown faculty;

– Learn how to campaign and create a campaign together to promote the need for more socially innovative enterprises, and let’s make it trend together;

– Participants will analyse international experiences and observe how it can be implemented in proposed case studies.

Do not miss out on a unique experience – See you soon!

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