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Advisory Board

The Advisory Board supports the students of oikos Vellore through its coaching and advising role and thus adds different perspectives to the work of oikos. Whenever possible, the advisory board helps oikos to make new contacts and to get access to networks, which help to realize the projects of oikos. Through its long-term commitment the Advisory Board also represents a valuable source of knowledge and the “memory” of oikos and thus saves the continuity of the activities of oikos St. Gallen.


1) Dr. Satyajit Ghosh - Chapter Mentor






Prof. Satyajit Ghosh is currently Senior Professor at the School of Mechanical and Building Sciences, VIT University, India. He is also a member of the School of Earth and Environment, University of Leeds, UK. Previously, He has worked at the University of Cambridge on Environmental Fluid dynamics. Apart from being a leading cloud microphysicist, he teaches and researches on the generic themes of  “Atmospheric Processes and Climate Change“, Energy in the built Environment” among others. His papers have been published by the Royal Society of Great Britain and other leading scientific journals across the world. CNN‐International and the BBC also covered stories on his research. His team at VIT has worked on numerous innovative applications such as the development of rain simulators for rain‐starved districts of India and adjustable agricultural sprays to minimize spray drift.  He was recognized with the prestigious Atmospheric Science Letters Editor’s award by the Royal Meteorological Society of Great Britain in 2012. His most recent research on a unique cyclone alerting system received world‐wide publicity and the story was picked up by the international media.


2) Dr. A N Brijesh Nair



Dr. Brijesh Nair was the Program Manager B.Tech. (Civil) and is M.Tech. (Energy and Environmental Engineering), Division Leader (Environmental, Water Resources and Transportation Engineering) and Associate Professor in the School of Mechanical and Building Sciences in VIT University.

He did his Bachelors in Civil Engineering from Calicut University and Masters and Ph.D. in Civil and Environmental Engineering from Arizona State University in Tempe, US. After successful completion of his Ph.D., Brijesh worked as a Design Engineer in Wilson Engineers in Phoenix, US where he focused on design and construction of water and wastewater treatment plants. He has done extensive research on physical and chemical treatment of water and wastewater. After being in US for over 10 years, Dr. Nair is with VIT for the last 2 year.



Brijesh Sir