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Adopt A Village

We at oikos Vellore are trying to help the people of Brahmapuram as students and engineers.
If any of you have any suggestions or solutions, please contact us at


GrassBlade is the most sustainable form of delegate communication and will drastically help in reducing budget costs. »

Energy Audit - The Greenest Department

The Energy Audit would give a positive orientation to the energy cost reduction, preventive maintenance and quality control programmes which are vital for production and utility... »

Recycling Newspapers into Paper Bags.

Currently, all shops in and around VIT and most places in Vellore charge an extra 3 or 5 rupees for cloth carry bags. By implementing the usage of these recycled newspaper bags we... »

The Fifth Element - Online Photography Contest

The Photograph with the highest votes gets featured on our monthly Newsletter and Website. Theme for September is "The Crimson Life" »

"The Conserve" App

An android app which contains an online feasibility game which requires the user to construct and use structures by utilizing minimum Energy thereby setting an example and... »