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oikos Fashion Webinars 2013

Die Webinare bestehen aus einem 30minütigen Minuten Vortrag des geladenen Experten und anschließend aus 30 Minuten Q&A und Diskussion mit den TeilnehmerInnen. Im Sommer- und Wintersemester 2013 organisierte oikos Fashion Webinare zum Thema “making the business case for sustainable fashion” mit folgenden Gästen:

A webinar consists of a 30min presentation by the expert and of another 30min of Q&A and discussion with the participants. In the summer and winter semester 2013 oikos Fashion organized a webinar series focusing on “making the business case for sustainable fashion” with the following experts:

Claudia Kersten, Head of Marketing at GOTS: “Sustainable material sourcing”

Kim Poldner, founder and editor of Eco Fashion World: “Top 10 Future Trends in Sustainable Fashion”

Bert van Son, CEO of Mud Jeans: “Are you ready to lease your jeans? Circular economy in fashion”

Patrick Laine, CEO of Better Cotton Initiative: “Business partnerships for better cotton”

Debera Johnson, Executive Director of Pratt Design Incubator for Sustainable Innovation: “Change through sustainable design”

Johan Arnø Kryger – Danish Fashion Insitute, NICE senior manager:”Stakeholders in sustainable fashion”

Dr. Pamela Ravasio – director of texSture consultancy, 2011 Observer Ethical Award winner: “Consumer trends in Europe”.

Kavita Parmar – designer and CEO of the IOU Project: “Redesigning supply chain management”.

Prakash Chandra Jha -CEO and designer of Cocccon: “Responsible sourcing case study”

David Diatz – founder and CEO of US. ethical retailer Modavanti: “Advertising sustainable fashion: can sustainability be hot and trendy?”