Due to the global pandemic of COVID19 Winter School 2020 will be has been rescheduled for August 21 to 23 2020

What is the oikos Winter School?
Work is often considered as an indicator of success; it contributes to personal identification and influences the prosperity of society. Our motivation is to analyze the consequences that will occur to the system of work from global developments like digitization or factors like the COVID-19 pandemic. In an international comparison we want to figure out what possible risks and chances are, that come along with these developments and how we can participate in that process to make work fairer and more sustainable. As we all will be affected by these changes, we consider it as very important that young, interested and innovative students learn about these topics and evolve ideas and expertise.

Why you shoud join
Getting in touch with students from all over the world, evolvingnew ideas, while learning Know-how from skilled speakers –all for free, participate from home or at the beach.

The Winter School is designed to fit in your summer break. Profit from the great flexibility and interactive participation that we offer.

You will have the chance to gain an extensive insight into the developments of the world of work and to share your ideas with other students in just a few days. On top of that you can compete in the essay contest of the Winter School and win prices worth 200 Euros! If you are interested, send us your essay, share your ideas and your knowledge regarding the topic.

For successful participation you willreceive a certificate.

Are you interested?
You can sign up here and be part of the amazing experience of the oikos Winter School 2020.
For more information visit Winter School website.
We are looking forward to welcome you to the first online Winter School 2020 in August!


The new agenda will be available soon.


The oikos Winter School is traditionally hosted by oikos Witten in Germany in February or March. Every year, the Winter School participants tackle concrete sustainability topics, such as sustainable urban development, food security, or green economy. At the Winter School, students not only discuss sustainability challenges but also develop innovative ideas that can bring a positive change to their local communities. The School also fosters exchanges between oikos members and young people outside of oikos.

Winter School 2019

The oikos Winter School 2019 explored a range of topics from Megacities and Smart Cities to new energy and transportation concepts to civic participation. Check out an interactive blog prepared by Janina Hoffmann, one of the participants of the winter school and oikos communications and marketing working group member, you can take a closer look at the topics covered by inspiring speakers and passionate participants.

Take a look at our video from the Winter School

Winter School 2018

In 2018, the Winter School revolved around the topic of Sustainable Development Cooperation and explored main challenges and drawbacks in the field. The Winter School titled “Bottoms Up, Tops Down” took place in Witten, Germany from March 1 to 7, 2018.

Check out the oikos Winter School video diary.

Read oikos article about the Winter School 2018.

In Addition, check out what participants thought about the school here.

Pictures from the Winter School is available on our Flickr page.

Winter School 2017

In 2017, the Winter School was titled “You call it Eco. We call it common sense. Sustainability in the fashion industry” and explored the role and impact of the apparel industry on sustainable development. About 30 participants and a dozen speakers from all walks of life spent the week amidst heated debates, discussing the current situation in the industry and possible solutions to its countless problems. Learn more here.

Winter School 2016

The 11th oikos Winter School took place from the 22nd to 28th February 2016. Topic: How to feed the world Find the final report here.

Winter School 2015

The 11th oikos Winter School took place from the 23rd to 27th February 2015 in Witten, Germany

Winter School 2014

The 10th oikos Winter School was organized by students of the Witten/Herdecke University, Germany. In 2014, the Winter School students asked Green Economy or Post-Growth Society? – How can economics and businesses shift towards a more sustainable future and which way could be the most promising to do so?