‘We cannot solve our problems with the same mindset that created them….You gotta be the change you wish to see in the world!’

Albert Einstein
What is LEAP Advanced?
LEAP Advanced is a 10-month transformational leadership programme focusing on building capacity in the oikos community with the necessary competencies, qualities, practices, tools and global network to become conscious leaders in the co-creation of thriving and sustainable societies.


Applcations for the cohort 2022

Applications for the programm are now closed, but we will reach out to individual chapters to encourage them to send a representative as well.

LEAP cohort 2022

The new cohort will start on February 26th & 27th with an online Kick-off.

LEAP Strategy 2022

Shape the next year of LEAP Advanced together with alumni, coaches, future participants and the oikos team.

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Why do we need to LEAP ahead?

The question of transitioning to sustainability, creating thriving and flourishing living systems highlights the need for conscious leadership development.
There is a need to address leadership, to educate and prepare students to lead solutions for sustainability and to focus on the role of the inner dimensions (described as people‘s mindsets consisting of values, beliefs, world-views, motivations and associated cognitive, emotional and relational capacities) of human beings and the potential of inner transformation as a powerful leverage point for sustainability.

Our Solution

LEAP adopts transformative and emancipatory perspectives to education. Seeking to stimulate self-awareness and critical thinking, LEAP considers pedagogical approaches and methodologies that encourage participants to critically consider and reflect on personal and collective world-views, values, practices, and behaviors. At the same time LEAP offers the participants opportunity of active involvement, with several chances for co-creation and prototyping during their leadership journey.


Elements of LEAP

Start your journey with open mind. Information on every topic will be sent out to participants at the beginning of every Module to gain a base of knowledge and develop opinions and thoughts about it. This will fuel interesting discussions and questions in the Input session where you will get input from amazing experts in the field and have the unique opportunity to ask them all your questions.
Practice your learnings in interactive workshops. You will learn tools and techniques to put theory into practice and experience the topic.
Reflections & Evaluation
Connect to yourself to find out how the learning and concepts resonate with you, how it has or might affect you, and how you can implement them in your life and at the end of each Module evaluate what you lived and learned during your journey within the LEAP program and decide how you wish to continue your conscious leadership path. To make the most of it. Make sure to celebrate!
Peer Groups
Discuss your learnings, thoughts, feelings, and experiences with your Peer group and get enriched by this diverse group’s perspectives.
1:1 Coaching
Benefit from 1:1 Coaching with one of the LEAP Alumni or professional coaches and focus only on your personal development. You will have monthly coaching sessions but the real work will be done in between session where you are asked to dive deeper in what you have discussed, explore your challenges and overcome hurdles.
Bring LEAP to your environment. Slip into a coach’s role and facilitate conversations and exercises with a group or individuals from your environment, like your chapter, workplace, university, friends, family, etc.


ParticipantsParticipantsApply now for the cohort 2022Join the Info Call on December 1st
AlumniAlumniJoin the LEAP Life track for lifelong personal development
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What our community says about LEAP

LEAP is for me finding myself, working on myself.. creating myself in one of the most inspiring and loving communities I have met so far

LEAP for me is a self discovery journey and a safe space where I get to express myself and learn from others. My main take away from LEAP is that I am enough!

Every day we create different versions of ourselves. LEAP Advanced helped me to understand, accept, love and at the same time, improve my own self.

Before I started my studies in Graz I did not consider myself a balanced person. Not that I am perfectly balanced now, but I live much more in harmony and peace with myself. Yet, getting where I am now, has not been an easy task. Joining LEAP undoubtedly stood as a milestone in my self-development, as it triggered in me a valuable process of introspection: thinking about myself, my actions, my feelings, my beliefs, my values, my emotions and, ultimately, my purpose. Before, such thoughts were indeed present but kept whirling through my mind in indiscernible and sometimes overwhelming patterns. The LEAP program thus infused me with unprecedented cognitive acuteness and provided me with a space for pursuing personal reflections. Something inside me started changing as a consequence, opening my understanding of a variety of hitherto unchartered regions of the mind. LEAP has therefore been remarkable empowerment for me, and I urge any other oikees to benefit from it as well.”

“LEAP put me on a journey to discover who I am. It gave me confidence, taught me to be a change agent, gave me a deeper insight into today’s challenges and tomorrow’s opportunities, helped me make a transition, made me consider what kind of leader I want to be and create my path towards a sustainable future.”

The LEAP program inspired me to pursue my interest in spreading awareness of sustainability and becoming a responsible leader. Being part of the LEAP Program 2018/2019 was one of the best experiences of my life. The LEAP program taught me, for instance, how to be a responsible leader, gave a clearer understanding of my values and my WHY in life. Our webinars broadened my horizon as we discussed topics I hadn’t been familiar with before. For example, I learned about the importance of organizational culture and how to overcome procrastination by just ‘eating a frog’. The LEAP program changed my life by teaching me how to be aware of my own body, thoughts, and actions. And I would like to pass this knowledge unto other oikees. During my time as president of oikos Bayreuth (2018-2019), I directly used the learned methods and shared experiences of the LEAP program. During this time, we changed the whole organization structure and speeded up processes by using Podio. We separated projects from our discussion panels and built a strong team spirit. I am really proud of everything the whole oikos Bayreuth group achieved in this short amount of time. And I think it would not have been possible without the LEAP experience.

Coach 2018/19 & Participant 2015/16