Workshop on Design Thinking


Design Thinking - A Style of thinking!!!

Mr. Henrik introduced us all to the Concept - Design thinking  to a class of 40 participants!

Design thinking is applicable for the challenges that can be solved by an innovative approach. There exist problems which can be solved just by funding. But design thinking needs none of them. It is about the way one looks at the Problem and the ability to combine empathy for the context of a problem. Then Creativity comes into play and the generation of insights and solutions take place.

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The rationality to analyze and fit the solution to the context.

It involves 4 steps: (Part of a Continuous loop)

1. Define & understand the Problem

2. Empathize & synthesize the possible solutions

3. Ideate & Prototype the solution chosen

4. Test & learn

And the entire process is repeated from the lessons re-learnt from the test results.


After the introduction, we were divided into 6 groups & every group was given the same problem to address : "Making Books available for the needy".


A short video in the link will give explain the problem :


A set of rules were defined for each phase. And then we were asked to improvise on our thinking pattern at the end of every phase. We had to a thorough Market survey and learnt lot more about the actual situation.




Every group came up with a unique solution and the final combined solution was "Book Sharing!!"

The premise is that by knowing about the process and the methods that designers use to ideate, and by understanding how designers approach problems to try to solve them, individuals and businesses will be better able to connect with and invigorate their ideation processes in order to take innovation to a higher level.

Its broader use in describing a particular style of creative thinking-in-action is having an increasing influence on twenty-first century education across disciplines


At the end of the workshop, Every individual had developed a innovative style of thinking!!