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Alumni Get Together

Come and meet fellow oikos Alumni in Paris on March 5th, 2019 ! It will be a great opportunity to chat, network and enjoy a nice drink! Plus, you...

oikos Newsletter February 2019

Welcome to the February edition of our Newsletter! We bring forth the most interesting updates from our community and encourage you to immerse in the oikos experience by participating...

LEAP Advanced Webinar on Procrastination

On Wednesday, February 27th, 6:30pm CET oikos LEAP Advanced Participants will join in to the webinar on “Procrastination” featuring Timothy A. Pychyl Tim is the Director of the Centre for Initiatives in...

Ethical Fashion Show

With the support of Quartier Libre, oikos Reims presents The Ethical Fashion Show with a theme of 4 seasons Summer, Autumn, Winter, Spring: what is your favorite season? Each...

Green Week 2019

oikos Copenhagen invites you to the annual Green Week at CBS! Green Week 2019 is all about discovering chances and challenges of the sustainable business ecosystem. Join us for...

Sustainable Finance Conference

On January 29 2019 oikos Bayreuth will host a conference on sustainable finance. How can banks act sustainably? – asks oikos Bayreuth. Mr. Oliver Patzsch  of the Umweltbank will...
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