Apply for the oikos Board 2019/20

oikos seeks  a strategic-minded team from a pool of passionate oikos members and alumni  who are ready to change the world and strengthen our community. Do you want to develop your leadership skills in a truly global context while embarking on the journey of a student-led, international non-profit organisation working towards a more sustainable system? Apply today to become Vice President (VP) of oikos International!

Desired experiences/skills

  • Active oikos member  or recent Alumni 
  • A minimum of one academic term (4 months) of experience at oikos at any level
  • Fluency in English (written and spoken)

General Opportunities and Benefits

  • Co-create & shape strategies & vision of oikos, help to guide the organization and reflect on the outcomes at the end of your term 
  • Engage in international sustainability projects with a powerful impact on our community & society as a whole
  • Enhance your network of students, faculty and sustainability professionals from all over the world
  • Develop your leadership skills by taking over a large number  of responsibilities 
  • Coppabirate with a diverse, international team in an open-minded, agile, environment

Commitments & general Responsibilities

  • A commitment to, and a clear understanding of the mission and vision of oikos 
  • A commitment for the one year board term and throughout the handover process (November 2019 –  December 2020)
  • A commitment of approximately 10 hours per week. We request candidates who are planning to go on exchange, graduate, or take up a full-time job within the term to carefully consider and elaborate if they are able to fulfil a sustained commitment
  • Be available for regular calls, annual international on-site meetings (Spring Meeting 2020, FutureLab 2020) and board strategy meetings (winter, summer)
  • Developing a strategic direction and implementing, aligning strategic and operative plans in the domains
  • Providing stability and continuity through alignment with the oikos constitution, guidelines and principles and the biannual oversight and review of impact indicators
  • Establish and facilitate working groups which act as functional departments of the organisation.

Role of the Board

The oikos International Board governs and manages the departments of oikos International and governs strategic decisions for oikos to be a sustainable organization and have a sustainable impact. As representatives of the oikos community, the VPs have the opportunity to inspire and empower the network towards oikos’ purpose, mission and vision. Contributing to the organization’s development and sustainability, VPs work in dedicated departments and roles and collaborate with the oikos management team, the working groups, the community and the strategic partners with similar objectives. 

Current Roles and Board Members

International Vice President Strategy & IT

Current VP: Wyatt Ball

Provide strategic and operational direction on the use and optimization of digital administrative tools as well as data management policies and processes to support oikos mission. Ensure that adequate systems and processes are in place for monitoring organizational performance, monitoring the general performance and impact of the organization against the objectives of the oikos community, and reporting to the community.

Another responsibility is to provide strategic and operational direction on oikos outreach to increase its visibility and oikos global impacts towards its vision and mission.

International Vice President Fundraising and Partnerships

Current VP: Jakob Eberhagen

Provide strategic direction in financial management, fundraising, and internal controls; and managing working group under his/her authority. work towards and secure adequate financial resources.

The main objective is the facilitation of new partnerships by reaching out, coordinating the conversational process and negotiating the terms of the partnership alongside the president and management team.

Another responsibility is the support and fostering of the existing partnership base in collaboration with the president.

International Vice President Marketing

Current VP: Alexis Troup

Provide strategic and operational direction in communication including oikos International’s website, social media accounts, newsletters, print media, and other marketing channels and manage working group under his/her authority.

Another responsibility is to provide oikos chapters support in their communication and marketing strategy and operation while showcasing the chapters’ activities and impact at the international level.

International Vice President Alumni

Current VP: Benoit Pitsaer

The Alumni network is key for the organization. As VP of alumni, you get in touch with incredible leaders across the globe, your work is of prime importance to connect different generations of our community You invite alumni to feature in monthly portraits, inspire several generations to get on board, connect them with each other  and to oikos activities in order to provide best quality programs and events that meet the oikos mission and vision.

In other words, you become a catalyst for sustainability wherever the world region you work on. That is the amazing power of the oikos community and an amazing opportunity to bring change on a global scale.

International Vice President Organizational Development

Current VP: Sophie Charrois

Next to managing the chapters with the help of regional facilitators and processing all chapter applications and closings, the role of the VPOD is to envision, develop and implement the structural interrelations of the community. Together with a Working Group and based on the voice of the community, we created an impactful concept and are currently entering the implementation stage. Exciting and interactive times are ahead!

International Vice President Programs

Current VP: Sarah Martin

The VP of Programs provides strategic direction to develop and evaluate programs designed to earn public understanding and support of the oikos mission and vision. All oikos International programs should support and equip oikos chapters and community to reach oikos mission and vision on a local and international level. Have an overview of the different programs/projects of oikos international, stay up to date, make links between programs and ensure their best impact, ask program managers if they need help, stay connected with the president, connect fundraising, communication etc with project managers.

International Vice President HR & People Development

VP: Eva Spate

The VP of HR and People Development provides strategic direction in the sustainable management of oI team composed of employees and volunteers (board, working group, facilitators), policies and processes. The VP develops and implements new strategies for hiring processes, onboarding and offboarding of new team members, general work organization, and for personal and skill development. The wellbeing of the people is a high priority at oikos, therefore the VP shall work on reward systems, work-life-balance approaches and team-building strategies. Additionally, the VP supports the Board, Management Team and President in various administrative tasks linked to HR, like budget allocation, accounting and fundraising.

If you are interested in applying and in need of further information, you are very welcome to get in touch with anyone from the Board. Send us an email to 

All positions and roles will be revised with the new team at the beginning of the new term 2019/20, in order to meet the individual and collaborative needs. 


If you wish to apply as a board member, send the following documents to

  • Your curriculum vitae (max. 2 pages);
  • A motivation letter stating why you wish to apply, the skills and the experiences you can contribute to the team and oikos in general, a brief summary of your time availability over the next year and what you wish to learn. Please state your 2 preferred positions on the Board and your visions related to these (max. 3 pages)
  • A short biography (100 words) and a picture for the oikos website 

The final deadline for handing in the documents is October 28, 2019 (72h before the Legislative Assembly). The candidates’ profiles will be updated online.

Applicants will be given 5 minutes to present their candidature in person during the Legislative Assembly in Geneva on October 31, 2019. The election will involve all chapters holding the status of a full chapter, which are able to cast their vote either on-site or online.

You will be elected as a general board member, the roles and positions will be collaboratively agreed upon. 

In case you are elected, we ask you to extend your stay in Geneva for one day (3.11), as we wish to discuss the roles at the first strategy meeting. Food and accommodation will be provided by oikos.

Feel free to raise all your questions at

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posted July 29, 2019

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Shape the Network – Alumni Global Contest

“Shape the Network – Alumni Global Contest” is a global, inclusive, and collaborative contest where every member of our community can participate and create a vision of the alumni network – offering you the possibility to design, vote, and regulate the alumni network the way you want!

Contestants are to upload their vision for the network and let the oikos community decide on the winners.

See here for contest details.

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posted July 28, 2019

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Solving Sustainability Crisis in the Commercial World: oikos Hong Kong hosts the Sustainability Impact Case Competition

Inspired by the students’ passion for learning through case competitions in the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST), oikos Hong Kong decided to organize a Case Competition to promote sustainability concepts in the university. The team aimed to introduce the concept of sustainability consciousness as well as to enrich an individual’s experience and awareness of sustainable development. They started by brainstorming ideas to solve sustainability issues in a multinational corporation!

Anatomy of the project

Goal: The goal of oikos Hong Kong’s undertaking was to raise students’ awareness about sustainability issues in the commercial world. They also sought to strengthen action competence for sustainable development among tomorrow’s decision-makers. In oikos Hong Kong Sustainability Impact Case Competition 2019, a case regarding the global food processing giant, Nestlé, was chosen as the discussing material. The case was the winner of the oikos Case Writing Competition Corporate Sustainability Track.

Case: The case discusses Nestlé’s problems with modern slavery in its cocoa supply chain. The company faced allegations of using child labour in its cocoa supply chain in Ivory Coast and was also accused of failing to disclose this to customers. Some critics argued that Nestlé had to put more effort to eliminate child labour and be more transparent within its global cocoa supply chain.

Process: The Sustainability Impact Case Competition was opened for all students in the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. The event challenged candidates to apply their problem-solving skills about the current labour conditions in Nestlé’s supply chain. Dozens of university students participated in the preliminary round and 4 teams were eventually selected to compete in the grand finale. oikos Hong Kong invited 4 experienced professors specialized in the Sustainability Unit and the School of Business and Management to be the jury in this case competition. Their expertise ensured the contest to run smoothly. Their precious advice helped and encouraged the participating teams immeasurably as they continued developing solutions for a more sustainable community. After submitting their incredibly innovative and inspiring proposals, finalist teams were required to give a 15-minute presentation regarding the solution of Nestlé’s current dilemma. With such impressive performance, the honorary jury was having difficulties to select the winning team. The champion team is fast-tracked to take part in future oikos events.

The road to towards sustainability is not easy, but oikos Hong Kong in their own words “are determined to raise student leaders’ awareness of the current sustainability issues in the business world”. They believe tomorrow’s decision-makers can work hand in hand in creating a more sustainable future. A small change can make a big difference!

Reach out to oikos Hong Kong team at to learn more about their experience.

Check our Case Collection to find a perfect case for your competition!

The Sustainability Impact Case Competition in pictures:

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posted July 23, 2019

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oikos Newsletter July 2019

Welcome to the July edition of our newsletter! Engage in our upcoming projects and learn what our community has been up to in the preceding month.


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posted July 15, 2019

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The First St. Gallen Unconference on Sustainability for alumni

Join the first St. Gallen Unconference on sustainability for oikos alumni and friends!

St. Gallen Unconference

Organised by oikos Alumni & HSG Alumni Sustainability Club

Topic: Sustainability & Business
When: 29th & 30th of August 2019
Where: University of St. Gallen,
Dufourstrasse 50, 9000 St. Gallen

Some alumni from the oikos International Alumni network along with the HSG Alumni Sustainability Club came together to organize the Unconference for members of both networks to meet, learn, and exchange knowledge and skills.

Unlike a regular conference, an Unconference is an event where the agenda is shaped by the participants, which creates space for peer-to-peer learning, collaboration and creativity, with a strong focus on networking possibilities.

If you are interested in joining and want to contribute to the Unconference by organizing a session such as a workshop or discussion group, go to our website and submit your application. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact us via

You can’t come to the Unconference? Then join us for the Alumni dinner on Friday evening.

We are looking forward to getting to know you and your ideas!

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posted July 12, 2019

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oikos Alumni and Community Meetup

oikos alumni and community can come together and meet oikos board at the Aloft bar from 6:00pm till at least 8:00pm, next to Schuman in Brussels, Belgium on 19th July, 2019.

We are delighted to invite you to join us on this special occasion to Network, Learn and More with the oikos International board who is in Brussels for a few days.

Contact & Questions:
Benoît Pitsaer (+32 471 02 00 81)

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posted July 12, 2019

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oikos President’s Open Office Hours

Join the oikos President on 17th July from 5:00 to 7:00 pm CEST. Ask questions, share your ideas, project updates or any other news. The floor of our virtual office is yours!

For more information and meeting URL, please visit the oikos Podio Intranet.

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posted July 10, 2019

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Unconference on Sustainability

Join us at the first St. Gallen Unconference on sustainability for oikos alumni and friends!

oikos International supports the St. Gallen Unconference which will take place on August 29th and 30th 2019 at the University of St. Gallen in Switzerland. Organised by some oikos alumni members and the HSG Alumni Sustainability Club, this event is not centered on a topic, but on people. We want people to meet, connect and exchange knowledge and skills – whether this is on sustainability in your industry or region, or skills that go beyond sustainability, like business or self-management skills. Instead of sitting in a huge crowd listening to lectures, it’s up to you to make things happen! For example by creating your own workshop for the St. Gallen Unconference!

Visit our website to find out more about the event and apply for it If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact us via

We are looking forward to getting to know you and your ideas!

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posted July 9, 2019

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oikos Curriculum Change Initiative at YSI Conference

At the end of June, oikos management team members, Lenka (oikos Curriculum Strategy Manager) and J.Christopher (oikos Curriculum Research Manager), visited Siena, Italy in order to meet with a dynamic community of young researchers exploring different schools of economic thought, share oikos projects and new initiatives with them and to build new connections with like-minded organizations.  They took part in the Institute for New Economic Thinking (INET)/Young Scholars Initiative (YSI) pre-conference followed by the Italian Association for the History of Political Economy (STOREP) conference. J.Christopher organized an interactive session on pluralism in economics and Lenka presented the new oikos Curriculum Change Initiative. In this brief article, they share insights from the conferences and discuss the upcoming oikos curriculum project. 

Both events provided us with an amazing opportunity to meet young scholars and professionals who embrace new and critical ways of thinking about the economy. We not only had a chance to learn about research, projects and initiatives that bring fresh wind into mainstream economic thinking, but we also discussed oikos projects and further cooperation with groups like Rethinking Economics and the Network for Pluralist Economics. Based on feedback, support and inspiration we received from INET Young Scholars Initiative community and STOREP participants, we continue developing the oikos Curriculum Change Initiative. Its main purpose is to foster the transformation of economics and management education together with the oikos student community across the globe. We invite oikos members to develop true ownership of their own education and we would like to accompany them in the process of shaping and influencing what they are being taught. 

Thanks to the financial support of SBFI, the curriculum change team will be able to run several projects. The oikos Curriculum Change Academy will be a 3-day workshop for students, junior lecturers and faculty, developed and facilitated by oikos student members. Its main purpose is to reflect and learn about innovative economics and management programmes which are designed to address current global environmental and social challenges. We will be discussing and testing new teaching methods and theoretical approaches in economics education. Getting inspired by good practice, we will develop strategies on how to implement similar programmes and methods at our universities. 

In order to accompany students who want to develop and implement curriculum change projects at their universities, we will establish and facilitate student working groups and constantly work with their members online and onsite. The working group members will learn about curriculum change practises and apply them in their concrete projects.

Those interested in research activities will have a great opportunity to analyze economics and management curriculum worldwide while learning and applying various curriculum research methods. We will accompany students in the process of analyzing as well as publishing and presenting their research outcomes. 

Furthermore, participants involved in the Curriculum Change Initiative will be offered specific coaching provided by LEAP and Alexandra (oikos International Project Manager). 

The oikos Curriculum Change Initiative is about students and for students. It responds to an increasing interest of oikos members in shaping their curriculum and is inspired by chapter activities in this field. We would like to cordially invite all oikos community members to join the Initiative. Why get involved? You can influence hundreds of students who take the economics and management courses at your university. You have a long term positive impact not only on your peer students but also on professors, young scholars, university administration and top management. You can shape the process of how education is developed by adding a bottom-up perspective to it. Through starting a creative conversation with your university you inspire other students and universities worldwide to follow a similar path. Interested? Feel free to contact Lenka and J. Christopher, we look forward to working with you!

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posted July 6, 2019

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30 seconds with the Germany Meeting 2019 Team

This July, meet our dedicated, hard-working organizers of the Germany Meeting 2019. In this brief letter, they describe how the team came together, divided up tasks and then worked day in and day out to ensure that everything went well at the meeting. 

The café around the corner of our university was crowded and dark, twelve curious faces squeezed together at two tables in the corner, dull murmuring and slow beats coming from the speakers filled the air. Everyone seemed a little nervous, not knowing what was going to await them in the upcoming six weeks. Since most of us had just joined oikos, the earliest challenge was to get to know each other so that we would build up a certain team spirit. The first point on the agenda: finding a headline for our Germany Meeting. Questions were being thrown into the room: What is it that we want to communicate and achieve with this meeting, broken down into a catchy phrase? Slowly, the ice began to break, awakening the spirit and motivation in each one of us. Slogans were being suggested, changed, thought about and eventually voted on. After an intense ninety minutes, having left our heads smoking like little volcanos, the title for our Germany Meeting finally stood: Take the lead for change- US for a sustainable future. This rather nerve-wracking upbeat to the planning made us realize: first of all, the team spirit was definitely there, developing each minute and everyone was here for the right reasons. And secondly, we underestimated the time that is needed for planning and organization of such an event.

We had divided our team into five different domains the week before: There was the program that had to be worked out and well thought through, the participants had to be contacted, informed and taken care of during their stay in Cologne, of course, the finances needed to be calculated and potential sponsors had to be contacted. Logistics had to be taken care of and the event itself had to be promoted on various social media platforms. Every week we would come together to update each other on the progress being made. Weeks went by quickly whilst every one of us fulfilled their tasks as well as they could.

When it came to another Wednesday meeting up at the cafe, a look on the calendar left us with a little shook: the Germany meeting was no longer a distant vision in the future, it was right in front of us, only two weeks away to be exact. We could feel a shift in the team spirit, slight panic replaced the calmness of routine. It was rapidly clear to us that we had to organize ourselves differently, bringing in new energy for the final countdown. So, we ended up dividing our members according to the different events taking place during the meeting rather than according to work groups.

We made sure that every member got the chance to find its strongest feature and contribute accordingly to the organization of the event. We trusted each other and each of us took on certain responsibilities. But the small crises we experienced also taught us that, when it comes down to it, we have to stand behind the whole thing as a team, think as a team and always represent the team, meaning that no one should feel like they are carrying the weight of it all on their own two shoulders. It was certainly something special to see people coming together, putting their best efforts and growing with their tasks each week. We channelled all the motivation into a strong team spirit that never stopped growing, leaving us more connected than we could have ever imagined on that first Wednesday in the café.

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posted July 1, 2019

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