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oikos Launches Call for Cases 2014

oikos launches the call for cases for its annual Case Writing Competition 2014 together with Ashoka. The competition promotes the creation of high quality teaching cases on Corporate Sustainability...

Enjoy the latest oikos Case Quarterly

The latest issue of the oikos Case Quarterly focuses on the sustainability practices and challenges of the beverage industry. Four cases are presented that depict a variety of common industry issues such as...

Reportage & Business

For some reason there is a field of photography that can assure you a good entry of money: it’s the paparazzi photography and it’s becoming more than just a...

Rethinking The Economic System

Does additional growth in the industrialised countries trigger increasing happiness? What societal and environmental impact results of our constant pursuit of growth? Is share economy just a fashionable trend...

Winter School

The 10th oikos Winter School is organized by students of the Witten/Herdecke University, Germany. This year’s central question is Green Economy or Post-Growth Society? – How can economics and...

oikos PhD seminar

oikos PhD Seminar is a 2-day event dedicated to the topic “Energy and Environmental Economics” and hosted by oikos Warsaw. It aims to increase quality of research and create...
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